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  • SambaSchutte reply Just to be clear, this has nothing to do with living with Two and a Half Men for over 10 years right?
  • PEEZUSWORLDTOUR reply the tiger blood has gone bad everybody
  • RobOReilly reply So by "Tiger" blood, he meant "HIV+" blood? #DetroitHIVPositives
  • flippo reply Is he still winning tho?
  • Meshuggah reply You all post mean comments, I don't really understand why... This man comes to announce to the world that he's HIV+ and you come here to make jokes about it? O_o Charlie Sheen is, to me, one of the most sincere man in the showbiz. He never tried to pretend to be someone he's not like all those hollywood stars that you all love, he always admited he had a problem with alcohol, with drugs, with women. At the start of this video, we even see him do something that none of your favorite actor/actress has done, to thank other human beings for being supportive about his condition. It's obvious when he says it, that he's affected and somehow a little ashamed, but at the same time we can see his words come from his heart. So almost all other celebrities could spit on you anytime for no reason and you adore them, and one guy who has always been sincere his entire life, who seem to talk with his heart, you make fun of him? @Erin Alexis: Yes he stutters, so what? Wouldn't you do the same in fron...moret a milions of viewers, announcing you're HIV+?
  • ErinAlexis reply Is a symptom of HIV also stuttering?
  • adampapagan reply Honestly, I'm surprised HIV is all Charlie Sheen has.
  • SackOs reply Somewhat of a side note, but how nice would it be to infect all those ISIS savages with a healthy dose of AIDS?
  • antontelevision reply HIV Charlie (2015) our short film
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