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Brutal Doom Redemption [Doom WAD]

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October 10 2017

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Brutal Doom Redemption é um mod para Doom criado pelo Doomguy14 que que dificulta a vida do jogador com mais perigosos, mas confere-lhe um arsenal mais poderoso. Ele apresenta não mais um protagonista apelão que deixa um estrago danado por onde passa, mas um soldado comum que luta para sobreviver e escapar. --- Brutal Doom Redemption is a Doom mod created by Doomguy14 that brings a no longer powerhouse protagonist that delivers havoc wherever he passes by, but rather a regular soldier fighting to survive and get out. The PWAD, besides nerfing the hero, also features other modifications, like more powerful weapons, more scarse ammo, more dangerous monsters, sound effect enhancements, more gore, new HUD, new fonts, a combat radio used to call an allied marine, and the return of the Light Amplification Visor and Partial Invisibility. Brutal Doom Redemption ran here only on GZDoom 2.1 and on ZDoom 2.8.1, with the IWADs from Doom II: Hell on Earth, The Ultimate Doom, Final Doom and from both Freedoom's phases. ▶ Download → ▶ Fix to Script error, "BDJR.PK3:blood.dec" line 625: Expected ',', Got '|'. → ▶ Apoie-nos → ▶ Seja nosso Patrono →

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