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  • freedom_fighters reply If it does become violent I'll be will fight next to you for our freedom of Liberty
  • BrianIllustrator reply This video has 46 upvotes on Minds. I love your point of view.
  • [ – ] michael_bsog reply They haven't verified my account yet, otherwise, I would have uploaded many more videos. Hope you like them once I do.
    • [ – ] RedPillTV parent reply most probably they won't verify your account, they don't want politically incorrect content
      • [ – ] BelleCurve parent reply Verification usually takes a while. It may not necessarily have have anything to do with the content (unless you are on FB, Twitter, Youtube). Some platforms allow you to buy stuff (ads, points etc.) For that you use your credit card and then you are suddenly verified (money = verification). Verification doesn't mean that much anyway.
  • freedom_fighters reply Just a group of a-holes
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