Quick Industrial Climb | Episode 1 | Thought I Got Caught! Spiders Everywhere!

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  • [ – ] Otaku13 reply Your not leaving your self an exit route. Most people don't look up but if they do you don't won't to get cut off and have to wait for the cops. Be safe.
  • [ – ] LadyK reply Nice editing skills. You dare devil you!
  • [ – ] Mountainghost556 reply Hey I got a book suggestion if you like to read, check out (Way of the scout) by tom brown it's got some really good stories he tells of his adventures sneaking around as a youth.
    • Psyclone parent reply Damn il deffinitly have to heck that out, i actually really love to read, i just dont have a lot of time for it haha
  • [ – ] MickadeeTV reply You should freelance as a spy or infiltrator.
  • [ – ] Mountainghost556 reply Cool vid, just be careful and don't do any thing that will get you hurt or more than a trespass warning, I do a lot of urban exploring so I get run off some times. Also good choice of music.
  • [ – ] xsxhyena reply sheeetit was forever and a day ago but me and my friends once snuck into an old abandoned factory we had to cross a railroad bridge and some woods to get to it after we parked and once we crawled under the fence we had some fun for awhile but then we saw some police lights and started runing we were about to hop a chest high wall but found that it wasnt chest high and only looked as such because there was abot 5 feet of water from rain infront of it so after swiming across that and up the wall we got back to runing hearing "get back here" on na loud speaker which we igniirred i rember once wegot off my hat fell of as i ran i had to indiana jones roll and re grab it as we bolted to the forest. great night
    • Psyclone parent reply Holy shit i wish i had noticed this comment earlier😂 that sounds insane my dude, thanks for sharing the story!
  • TheBrewMonks reply Nice! Ohhh to be young again =)
  • [ – ] ThatRaGe reply Nice video man :)
  • [ – ] sowhat_vid_me reply It is cool. Reminds me of an episode of "Breaking Bad".
  • deadBeefCafe reply Reminds me of a few climbs I did through some of the old abandoned mills in Lowell, MA before they were gentrified. They didn’t have GoPros in the early ‘90s! Great vid!
  • [ – ] perduta reply wow - I can feel your thrill of playing cat and mouse with added danger, like a video game, but for real. 😬
  • Higher_Ku_252 reply Dude, you got GONADS!
  • opaxel1967 reply shame about the music .. be better without .. lol .. shrug
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