Lets talk about Youtube for a moment

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  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Content creators made YT, not the other way round.
  • [ – ] CaptainSwitzerland reply I'm even more of a nobody than you, but I made the call to jump before YouTube eventually pushed me. The real media exists online in the hands of everyone, whatever the platform. Good video!
    • [ – ] DerpieDoo parent reply Yea, I am not abandoning my youtube channel.. But I am no longer going to limit myself to youtube alone. There are other, and in some cases, far better platforms.. No reason not to use them ALL!!
      • [ – ] CaptainSwitzerland parent reply Same here, I'm going with a dual-upload strategy for the time being. Vid.me is actually pretty impressive
        • [ – ] DerpieDoo parent reply I am still new here.. only made this account a few days ago, and I know very little about the platform, but thus far I have no significant complaints.. infact, minus the ability to monetize outside of donation, I think its far more streamlined, and better than youtube.. and definitely performs better.
          • CaptainSwitzerland parent reply I've been here about 2 hours and already love it. The "New" tab is fantastic - reminds me of old school youtube. I earned next to nothing in ads on youtube so the donations isnt a real change for me.
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