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  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply #randomactofkindness :) This is really cool! You can go to the Community tab to fine recently verified creators and if you see the category tag, it means that they are verified. Also welcome to the Vidme community! I like your energy and your positivity.
    • [ – ] BrianAiya parent reply i know you didn't tip but the thought counts and maybe in the next video we can see you do this, would love to see the response video the creators make. Yea, i'm sure they are working on the PayPal Feature
      • ItsRaditz parent reply Thank you for the awesome feedback, And yeah earlier today actually just found about the recently a verified section hopefully it they add PayPal love to do another one of these videos. I actually seen couple your videos so thank you for stopping by I like your content :)
  • Orginaljun reply I think vidme is working on it to add paypal as a option, but anyway still a good thing you mention it in the video. For most people especially in europe people don't use credit cards, just normal bank cards which you can use in most country's. Kinda like a credit card, but still not the same. Bitcoin is unstable from what i have heard from other sites. I have to stick with paypal, even though you have to pay a bit extra with the fees, its still safer than bitcoin.
  • y_so_bored reply Rad u r cool don't say that
  • [ – ] ItsRaditz reply I just realized I said subscribe in the video not follow
  • [ – ] jhk reply Paypal tipping is in our list of upcoming features!
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Sorry I tried to resist and not give feedback but I have to... Haha. This was really odd...I haven't watched a video like this in a long time (I'm typically never Clickbaited). This was just a reminder of things you see on YouTube where the title is technically true but misleading all in one. I found this really annoying and soul destroying that I invested my time in this video. I would not have been burnt if it was called "Why isn't PayPal an option for tipping?" A much better title and gives the community space to discuss a very important topic. We like to discuss things here. Clickbait doesn't work in the long run. I will look at another video of yours now and I hope to not see the same formula.
    • [ – ] ItsRaditz parent reply wait are u calling this Clickbait?
      • [ – ] Rawman parent reply Just because you put *fail* doesn't make it not Clickbait lol.
        • [ – ] ItsRaditz parent reply k then bye
          • [ – ] Rawman parent reply Haha come on its feedback no need to be rude.
            • [ – ] ItsRaditz parent reply thats why i removed the comment sorry about that :) Have a good one
              • Rawman parent reply Fair enough lol. I hope the next time I watch your video I can be satisfied with the content, but if I leave feedback I hope we don't have to have a funny business interaction. Thanks for your time appreciate it. You are more than welcome to critique my content. Not a shameless plug at all lol. Just saying i welcome comments of any capacity I love harsh feedback.
  • Gemstone123lpsandanimaljam reply Your other video brought me here and Animal jam is real :)!
  • MarzieMalfoy reply They're working on the PayPal thing.
  • JustHypeVibe reply Great suggestion!
  • [ – ] BackSoon reply Yes, please add PP. ItsRaditz feel free to stop by anytime buddy. I react to everything.
  • Flingoro reply Username: Flingoro Upvoted I'm already following you, so I commented on your welcome video as well. I'm sorry for all of the hate you've been getting :(
  • ELBADGAMER reply oh, you dont click in my video!"!! >:V
  • whako reply They said PayPal is an option coming soon to being able to tip.
  • xCreativeNotion reply PayPal would be great, but I live the fact they added that feature
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