World of Hurt | Hurtworld | Humble Opinion | July 2016

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  • [ – ] MetalMastodon reply Also I think the reason there is so many of these games is because nobody has really hit the nail on the head with them yet. We are still awaiting the near-perfect multiplayer sandbox survival game. Until the player base gets at least a couple I don't see developers giving up on trying to become that one first and great game in the genre. Hurtworld is actually probably the best one out there, but it looks like you literally did nothing lol Decent video, a little disappointed that you didn't even really get to step 1 in the game.
    • JonathanIsBadAtGames parent reply I appreciate the feedback, man. To clarify (so that you're hopefully not as disappointed if you watch any future videos) I'm didn't review Hurtworld from the perspective of someone who intentionally bought the game specifically. I review it as someone subscribed to the Humble Monthly--within the context of a bundle of games, most of which I don't know that I bought until the day arrives and they're revealed. My frustration with the game comes from the fact that the Humble Bundle team have put so many survival sandboxes in the bundles in (what I consider) such a short window. Rust, A.R.K.: Survival Evolved, Grav, and The Forest all came before this one. And I agree that Hurtworld is one of the better ones. My only real complaints were that crafting wasn't very intuitive, visually, and that I had some trouble getting it to run. That I remember. I did like the progression of it. But as a consumer of the Humble Monthly, I don't want to feel like I keep getting the same game over and over...more again. I want some diversity and new experiences. Unfortunately, I don't get to dedicate much time to playing games like this. I try to offset that by bringing up that it takes a lot of investment to get to the "meat" of the games in this genre, and include the opinions of people that put more time into it than me. Which is why I brought up that many people find construction to be one of the best in the genre, and that it includes vehicles, though I hadn't seen any. I'd like to be more thorough in my reviews, eventually, but right now it's not viable. I fully admit that I'm biased by my lack of investment, though. I'm not trying to play it off like I got super far into it. I played about 4 hours. It also happened to be when I was hit with some really unfortunate news and didn't have the heart to do much of anything, at the time. I'm not trying to argue or be a jerk. I just don't want to give the impression that I think my verdict is final or that I'm so egotistical that I feel my review is all encompassing of the game. It's more of a first impression glance. Thanks again for taking the time to tell me your thoughts.
  • [ – ] MetalMastodon reply Pretty sure this is actually the first game released to the public by any of the devs in Bankroll Studios. Not a renamed company.
    • JonathanIsBadAtGames parent reply I wasn't trying to say otherwise. I don't think I ever said that they renamed themselves, I was more or less just picking on the name. Like when I talk about Zachtronics, I'll jokingly insinuate that the dev is named something other than Zach because it's apparent that his name is Zach. Just stupid, dry humor. I'll try to make it more apparent, next time.
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