✈️#911Truth Part 5: 9/11 Ushered in the Global World Government #NWO #Charlottesville #NorthKorea

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  • [ – ] Cydonia reply ah, last time i saw you was on youtube i see you took up on your promise to look into dr judy wood thanks ;) i made a comment on your channel some time ago about that, you didnt look at it back then and you promised you would. i dont know if imma stick around on this vidme , its my first day here and im kinda looking around for an alternative to youtube. so steemit seems to be turning up allot. il go check that out .. thanks again
    • matheasysolutions parent reply Hi Cydonia, which was the comment you made?? I get a lot of comments so hard to keep track :) But yes Dr. Judy Wood work opens everything up! I will be looking into her work basically for as long as I'm alive. So whether its on Steemit, YouTube, or VidMe make sure to check with me periodically as I will keep pushing!
  • matheasysolutions reply In #911Truth Part 5 I explain how the NWO is already here and everything else happening in the world is just formalities. Gold, Bitcoin, Blockchain, and the Constitution is not going to "save us" from the NWO but only "waking" up will... #SpiritualBattle View Video Notes on Steemit: https://steemit.com/nwo/@mes/video-notes-911truth-part-5-9-11-ushered-in-the-global-world-government-nwo-charlottesville-northkorea Watch the rest of my video series: https://mes.fm/911truth-playlist Support my research: https://mes.fm/donate
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