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  • iJimUK reply Ok let's just get down to it. Onision is finding it hard because you are too tall and your implants, well, you are too tall, at 5'9 when he prefers his dates to be about 3'8 and the implants, yeah, usually his dates have not yet hit puberty so girls with boobs kind of scare him a bit. You get where I'm going with this?
  • [ – ] Iorek_Vodatee reply its weird because my friend watches onision and I just completely hate his hypocritical stupid attitude, he lies so damn much, manipulates everything he hears and says. Hate him so much.
  • the_epilepsy_guy reply Onision likes judging 12 year old girls does he know? Ge cab't handle a woman his age ...he likes em young
  • WebNoob reply Oh, Onision. This is funny, considering he has one of the ugliest souls on the planet.
  • [ – ] Freddy_Altina reply I feel super bad that YouTubers are getting their content mass-demonetized. But Onision? I really don't feel bad for him at all. He kind of just got what was coming to him.
    • [ – ] YoungByronVidz parent reply I feel bad that is hard to make videos that you love without getting shadow ban and flag. I just hope to god that VidMe stay neutral to everyone regardless of the left or right wing views.
      • [ – ] Ireallyreally_Hategoogle parent reply What are you talking about? Youtube has nothing to do with right or left wing views, it's all about money and unfortunately bullshit sells.
        • YoungByronVidz parent reply Hahaha you're funny
        • YoungByronVidz parent reply What Im talking about is politics? Yes they're all about money and also some politics involved as well. but don't get me wrong im a independent so you haven't noticed alot of YouTubers had been getting their channels flagged or shutdown because of their political videos, i thought you knew that already. I been on YouTube for almost 10 years so I do know what Im Talking about. Bye have a nice day!
  • [ – ] LunaMD reply I Dont understand why YouTube is acting up like this, Most people on it watch gaming, Vlogs, or information/funny videos, No one cares if terrorist is in the title to the point where they're cutting peoples pay? Its ridiculous.
    • YoungByronVidz parent reply None of us understand why? But VidMe will be a replacement for YouTube if they stay neutral when it comes what we upload to this site, and no bot systems or automatically flagging our videos just because we share different views and opinions. I will hope the best for this site.
    • Ireallyreally_Hategoogle parent reply Some advertisers care and Google/Youtube is too lazy to find other advertisers that don't care. Beside, Google has been destroying Youtube bit by bit ever since they bought it. They were bound to succeed eventually. It's like everyone working on Youtube for Google has reached their level of incompetence.
  • oboeslayer reply Downloaded this app because of you! I look forward to watching your content on this new platform :)
  • FireRam reply Onision is a complete twat i have seen his videos and stuff he claims is fact sometimes is not, Hope he gets banned from YouTube and saying your Ugly lol have you seen what he looks like i have seen better looking Apes than Onision, Oh btw @JaclynGlenn i think you're beautiful
  • ablamj reply Love ya, JG. You are beautiful!
  • R3nia reply Oh that little Youtube-Trump.....tries so hard...*punch*
  • STBill reply You dun goof'd. Now you will never be Onision's gf.
  • SC87Returns reply You are too pretty to be ugly.
  • GeneralTiberiusxX reply You're not ugly
  • [ – ] Barni_Yamum reply yes you are ugly...and what the fuck is this shit next to u....where the hell i got here.....just a response to ur silly & pathetic video title share some knowledge instead of this nonsense...and get a mirror wth is wrong with u people...
  • [ – ] LexiChangeling reply Yes you are now go fuck yourself so self centred faked titted whore
  • SalBerry reply Such shiny hair :)
  • ArcyKnight reply You are not ugly. You are beautiful. Awesome burgundy hair!
  • Jameo reply What? Is that onion boy even still relevant? Hes a very strange person, who needs to be sent to a psych ward.
  • YoungByronVidz reply You're not ugly honey Onision is just lying and mad. Nothing against Greg, because he is funny.
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