🐾ASMR🐾 - PETTING MY CAT ~ Relax w/ Fabric Stroking & Scratching Sounds ~

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  • [ – ] SmoothRiverrock reply I could tell by the look in Disapproval's eyes that he loves me. I love him, and you too, Nora! Thank you. 💗
  • [ – ] OrcASMR reply Is good :D He loves you, but he's very tsundere? :P
  • Hasel reply I think your cat is dead, homie.
  • ASMRWeekly reply ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ me like this
  • ASMRWeekly reply This cat looks a little.. i don't know.. upset ಠ_ಠ hahaha
  • weirdoguy reply Cheap bitch
  • shep252 reply Cat getting petted Outside, strict disapproval Inside, he loves it
  • DarkestStarASMR reply Love, love, LOVE this!!
  • JoshSilverASMR reply Disapproval cat secretly approves. He's just too shy to admit it... Really like the scratchy sounds think the new mic picks up fabric type materials better than the old one. The random head pats gave me some unexpected tingles LOL "He really likes butt scratches" Don't we all... :P
  • SpookyBoyPrime reply Thank you for this bonding opportunity 🙏. Mr Meowchi and I haven't had the best of starts..one might even go as far to say..HE HATES MY GUTS 😭.. but I now feel after paying him scratchy service he has seen beyond my flaws and accepted me. Thanks Seafoam for bringing us together I..huh 😮..what's that Mr Meowchi sir??..😑..no sir I haven't finished writing my lines out..😞..ok I'll go do them now. "I suck at art, and no amount of fan art will change that, I suck at art and no amount of fan art will change that" 😖😜. Really soothing and relaxing, fankyoo 👍👏😀
  • vampireking1229 reply Awww such a cute kitty you have seafoamkitten
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