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  • [ – ] AlterKnabe reply I beg to differ, Germany does have protection of free speech, contained in the constitution that the Americans gave us after the war. free speech is discussed in a paragraph, that also guarantees freedom of information, and ends "Censorship shall not take place". It could not be put more clearly than that. Only because our despicable stinking foul whore Merkel with enthusiastic support of Marc-Communist Cunt - Zuckerberg is wiping her arse in our constitution to enthusiastic support of our CIA controlled media, does not mean we don`'t have a constitution that protects free speech, it does however mean our Justice Department is just as corrupt as the whore herself and also controlled by the "Cunts of the Round Table", whose supreme leader is George Soros, apparently Zuckerberg's favorite uncle.
    • [ – ] thatkekboi parent reply I believe he means that in comparison to America other countries do not have pure free speech. Not that there is none at all like North Korea.
      • BourbonandBullets parent reply Yes, without the First Amendment no other country has real free speech protection. Although Canada (except Quebec) Australia, New Zealand and Ireland have presumption of innocence under Common Law, which is better than the more authoritarian Civil Law in rest of Europe.
  • [ – ] thatkekboi reply Interesting view on Google and it's influence. I do hope everyone see's Google and YouTube start messing with their sub feeds. And Join my shit posters here in Kekistan.
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