Vampire slayer recruitment roleplay for ASMR

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  • [ – ] PrimeResoultion reply My experience is vast, I've watched many episodes of the walking dead whilst eating and haven't barfed once. I've slimed down enough to fit into yoga pants so as to dazzle and confuse the vamps etc, by delivering kicks from eye watering angles. I know the pointy end of stakes must point AWAY from me (won't make that mistake again in a hurry). And finally after a extensive ancestry and genealogical background check I find I'm descended from the original creators of the acme torch and pitchfork company, who's company motto instrestingly enough was "Yee know they be ded, whenst they ave no hed". I think I'll be a asset to the team..oh..there is just one teeny tiny thing.. I'm a patron of a couple of ASMR vampire artists, my rewards won't stop just cos I turn them into compost will they? I don't know how to turn off recurring payments you see 😜. Cool video 👍😀.
    • OrcASMR parent reply Haha :D Financially supporting vampires while being a slayer is acceptable, back in my day it wouldn't be, but we've got to consider vampire rights now a days :P
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