Horatio's Back and So Is Nigel! UK Election Results Fantastic Breakdown of

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  • Englishman-in-Malta reply LOL .......funny Yorkshire !!!!!
  • Star_Wars6collector reply I am going to say how many different deluge flood stories were there? plus all the real facts like how the Pyramids where precisely plotted world wide before there was oceans, because how would the pyramids be build in the oceans if there was oceans considering that the strong magnetic pressure or how you call gravity when it is all magnetics', The real pyramids all had Iron Ore bases as well as the real cap stones where all Iron Ore, those stones are made by way of induction heating, what these pyramids do is conduct the plasma energy creating the hum generating sound wave that controls the planets rotational speed, the water or moisture is drawn out of the rocks as the plasma current is streaming to the iron ore base, that is how the pyramids work and that is how we can make new earth planets, it is all magnetics, I advise you to check out my pyramid video's because this is the discovery of all ages and of all times, all these stupid people fighting and destroying this planet when ...morewe can make thousands of earth planets from any rocky planet that is magnetically in spinning magnetic rotation, and tell people about it
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