Vidme Denied my Verification!

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  • [ – ] Roamancing reply I'm glad I watched this, as I just set up my account and was wondering if I should just go ahead and apply for verification so I can add my videos to categories. I shall hold off until I have my 50 followers.
    • [ – ] lambdog76 parent reply Your content is going to do great on here, people will catch on to what you do quick. Make sure to use hashtags in the description box as that is how subject tags are done on here. Also the "@" prior to user name tags that individual. Welcome to Vidme.
  • [ – ] MrJoelDee reply I don't agree with Vidme's new rule of 50 followers to get verified. That wasn't the case when I joined several months ago. Just don't get discouraged man. You'll have them before you know it.
    • [ – ] lambdog76 parent reply Thank you for the encouragement. If it weren't for not being able to categorize my content, I prob would't have applied. Community wise, I have had a great experience, both here and on r/vidme (reddit). I am having a ball, still reinspired, which was needed. After seven years, I really started having the tendency to mail it in so to speak.
      • MrJoelDee parent reply Never give it up man unless YOU just ever get tired of it. My philosophy has always been, if at least one person is watching my content, then that's one person I'm reaching and who can relate to my content and likes it, which makes it more than worth doing. 😀 Even if nobody watched, as long a "I" am having fun and loving what I do, I'm still gonna put it out there. But I know there will always be someone somewhere who wants to see something I create.
  • EPIC-BLASIAN reply Yeah I got denied too..😜 I have 805 subs on YouTube 😎. Looks like we are late to the Vidme party..😆 BUT only time will tell. 👍
  • [ – ] tonygreene113 reply It's all good bro. I got denied too. 😂😂😂
    • lambdog76 parent reply I don't feel so bad now :) looks like you have some very strong views on some of your vids. How long ago did you apply?
  • tonygreene113 reply It's all good bro. I got denied too.
  • [ – ] BrosnanHoban reply You will get it bro. Keep making videos and you'll get it in no time.
    • lambdog76 parent reply Thanks for the encouragement, it's all good. It has had an interesting effect of making me slow down and really think about what I plan to upload, I topped out the bandwidth pretty quick on uploads.
  • Classified_Chappy reply Hoping that someday I will get verified on here....
  • ChilliBeatAus reply Glad too see you got the verification! :D unfortunately i got denied i think its cause of my followers numbers but i see people who have 0 followers 0 following no comments nothing and they get verified. that gets me abit discouraged tbh. but ill keep going cause i enjoy uploading but im stuck with the limit :(
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