The Golden Rule of Morality, and Why It Sucks!

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  • [ – ] MisterHan2000 reply Moral grandstanding is bullshit. I'm not sure EVERY good deed done has an intrinsic value(I'm not sure what to think of for people that believe a good deed is its own reward), but even no actual reward can't prevent people from possibly become stuck up assholes about what they've done. Now I don't see a lot of moral grandstanding myself(well, not outside political ad seasons, anyway), but I can see where you're coming from. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with the golden rule, it certainly encourages people to do good things. That being said, there is the saying "too much of a good thing can be a bad thing" and I do think that can be applied to the golden rule. It's like missionaries that go out helping countries that don't have what we have. The things they do are wonderful and all, but even if the missionaries themselves don't seek credit, you can bet your bottom dollar the religious folk they represent will ham it up anyway, possibly to the point where you can't help...more but wonder if they're guilt-tripping others. That's just my take on the thing, and I'm probably wrong. I don't look down on the golden rule like you do, but I do agree that even good things like that can be abused. Thanks for the interesting discussion!
    • TaraBabcock parent reply I think we agree, I just take a more critical look at certain things, and care more to speak out about it and different ideas I have. I agree that the golden rule is beneficial for a society, and is an easy rule to follow, but I still think it (like all moral compasses) are flawed and subjective. I also agree that I see a lot more (and therefor, am more annoyed at) moral grandstanding. I see it in gaming, I see it on YouTube, and I see it through the new push of PC/SJW culture, and it bothers me to no end. I try to be a voice against that, and in return, I get to have awesome conversations with interesting people, like-minded or not. :)
  • unstableHarmony reply I think that the "golden rule" is useful when dealing with negative actions, but is flawed when dealing with neutral or positive actions. As far as morality goes, I think that most everyday interactions are morally neutral. Helping an elderly person across the street is morally neutral. Having an argument is morally neutral. Giving money to a group is morally neutral. Morality should only really be considered when it comes to saving people from danger. performing criminal acts, or interfering in a criminal act.
  • xeno_ reply the golden rule is inherently liberal and marxist, it implies that everyone is exactly identical cognitively and morally.
  • UnderTheBus reply So in other words you dislike people who are virtuous?
  • KarelDonk reply A natural sense of morality is connected to human nature and comes from within; it automatically follows from the fundamental programming of life that drives us. We don’t need the state, culture or religion to tell us about morality. Every human being is able to automatically develop a good sense of morality based on his own natural instincts, provided, of course, that they’re allowed to develop themselves naturally and are not tampered with in any way by outside forces. In the final analysis, a good and natural sense of morality is based on the following statement: Respect each other’s right to life. It’s really that simple. Good intentions, decisions, and actions (virtue) are those that respect everyone’s right to life. Bad or evil intentions, decisions, and actions (vice) are those that interfere in any possible way with the right to life of an individual or a group of individuals.
  • Manny_Rod reply I have the potential to be a terrible person, my morality, my "golden rule", keeps that person in check. "Do unto others" works for me. Personal perspective is all each of us has, most of us aren't mind readers.
  • [ – ] Wendiz reply Omg! What happened to your lips!
  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply that's insane why would you want that,
  • Alex_Cypher_666 reply I generally agree. I think some aspects of morality are useful, but I don't like denial of human nature. Of course, there are aspects of human nature that are often difficult to class as purely selfish. I find that morality as we know it is probably the product of evolution and the instincts of the social species aspect of Man.
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