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  • [ – ] VioletPracticalHelp reply I agree that it is hard to find stuff to watch. What I find difficult is that the topics are either very dark or there is a lot of cursing. Not that I'm a prude, but it is tough when there are more curse words than normal words. I do think that there seem to be many people who are looking for shock value to gain followers and sometimes the story suffers. I'm looking forward to more viewers finding Vidme, but we need to keep in mind that many people want entertainment that they can watch that is uplifting and that they can watch with their children in the room. I do think that it will take time for the viewers to come because I think that we need more diverse creators.
    • liam_matt parent reply I think with the introduction of adverts, and subsequently people automatically wanting to be involved in the advancement, the dark videos and videos with a lot of cursing will be reduced! Fingers crossed we will get more diversity across the board and then more viewers!
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply Yup there are many videos about Vidme and that is why the team decided that NO vidme videos will get to Hot and trending page since Vidme videos are mostly for the Vidme team.
    • BrianAiya parent reply I am a vidme exclusive creator however the main problem now is that Vidme has more creators than Viewers. So creators are watching other creators. We need more viewers
  • [ – ] iJimUK reply What to upload to Vidme? Well if it helps I upload the same kind of stuff to Vidme as I would to YouTube. I do agree that videos about Vidme do need to be lessened a bit which is on of the reasons Vidme stopped them from being able to hit the trending page. Good to see you outside with this one. I hear it's rather scary vlogging in the outside. You guys did good and brave
    • liam_matt parent reply See both me and Dhean do the exact same thing - it just feels like we're posting stuff we post on YouTube because that's our comfort zone and what YouTube expects, it's more what does Vidme want us to post that baffles me. It's great that they are taking steps to actually combat that, but ignoring the irony of the fact this is a video about Vidme, it is something that us as creators need to reduce. It was great fun (despite the fact it was raining every so often) and we were in a grove of trees so pretty safe from the public and prying eyes! Thanks Jim!
  • [ – ] iJimUK reply Hey, you live in England, you know that our summer is just winter but a bit warmer, a few bumble bees and a bit less rain.
    • [ – ] liam_matt parent reply England? Sadly I'm in Wales which means I have rain in the summer and rain in the winter... Just a lot of rain really!
      • [ – ] iJimUK parent reply Gah, crap sorry dude I assumed that because you didn't have an American accent you were in England. My bad, yeah you guys get a bit more rain then us..
        • liam_matt parent reply It's all good and I get that! I suppose when you're not incredibly Welsh it's tough to actually tell! Just a tad. ;)
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