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  • [ – ] volbroored reply I hate hype Whether it be anime or live action show. It just ruined my interest for said show. I remember with opm people make it out to be this masterpiece of a show. I'm like no.
  • [ – ] Embrace-your-sorrow reply I'm a bit annoyed by all the irrational urge for novelty, because I constantly stumble upon people saying Ashita no Joe/Hokuto no Ken/Evangelion/etc are garbage because "they're so cliche". What does novelty even bring to the table? It's such a meta aspect.
    • DevilAkuma parent reply Fun fact is that most of those show established their respective gender for which they were novel for their time
  • redcomn reply Sieg heil
  • BANANMANX47 reply good you mention nice sound in the beginning; I found it weird how long it has been ignored in favor of pretty colors.
  • [ – ] silverdragon reply Now people are hyping infinity war to be the greatest movie ever. That movie just gonna be a big mess like age of ultron.
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