#YouTubeIsOverParty ...Here We Go Again, YouTube

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  • [ – ] Cynical-Bastard reply PS: What videos were taken down, on your channel, Coffee? That's ridiculous. PPS: Nice choice on the CT theme. It made me feelz. Even Styx's videos didn't move me as much. LOLOLOLOL.
    • CoffeeWithComment parent reply Thanks, I felt like they desolation ion Chrono Trigger's future was appropriate! My video "#ProudToBe ....Here we go again, YouTube" was removed; but live here!: https://vid.me/sLhJ
  • [ – ] FriendlyFaucet reply Yea I have deleted my utube app. I will be using vid.me for now on
  • [ – ] freerangehobo reply I think we need to be particularly vigilant when it comes to public offices that have the means and the power to negatively alter the internet freedom issues. I would not be surprised if the liberal heads of Google, youtube and others, will try to manipulate elections in such a way as to get candidates who are agreeable to censorship and communist control of the internet here in our once free nation. Hopefully, we will have the diligence and perception to see through any fake conservative campaigns. It should be imperative that all future candidates be thoroughly examined front and back, to determine the slightest elements of deception or a past that betrays their own claims.
    • CoffeeWithComment parent reply I wouldn't be surprised of Google, a DNC donor and donor to Shillary's campaign; was being leaned on by the DNC to implement this stuff. Either way they need to realize how this crap hurts their platform. It's not the first time there was a mass exodus.
  • [ – ] ManukaBadger reply YouTube can die, everyone who views should message their favourite YouTube content creators and encourage uploads to vid.me or bitchute
    • CoffeeWithComment parent reply https://vid.me/ComputingForever has been here for a bit, as well as the content creators I interact with, like https://vid.me/MichaelBlack and https://vid.me/fourtyoz
  • [ – ] Cynical-Bastard reply I think there needs be some focus on the difference between "racism" and "racially-charged rhetoric/sentiments". People wonder if they are racist or not for piddling shit, things that people, by all means, act civil about. You can see this everyday- both people being civil and people wondering if what they did was racist; mostly when it was not. Then, to be frank, and honest, what I see is SOME people whom would in one moment, accuse someone of being racist because they said something about black people, some kind of stereotype or something; but then in another moment, they say things like "White people problems", or some other stereotypical thing, as well. Like, for example, "white people can't dance". Common stereotype. I see no one calling "racist!" in the streets for such things. (Side point, but i've been itching to make this point.)
    • CoffeeWithComment parent reply It's different when you're denigrating "wypipo"; because apparently we have the power. Criticize a "dindu" mayor though and everyone loses their shit. It's not fair and I won't stand for it. I now openly make black jokes and call people out when they balk. Haven't worked up to "nigger" yet tho.... not quite that edgy I suppose.
  • Ae_olian reply the left can shove their diversity pipe dreams up their ass!
  • Forestal reply When far leftists consider/re-brand themselves as centrists/ conservatives (see Mussolini, Hitler, etc), of course everyone ELSE is extremist!
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