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  • MultiKillerjoe reply i like the idea of getting rid of religions i think that's a good first step
  • Amber_Love reply But I wanna be an active member in my community...
  • Muddywaters reply Speaking of contagious, religion is a mind virus with all the ones infecting the west coming from the one original strain. Inoculate yourself before they reunite into one demon strain. The writing is on the wall.
  • Muddywaters reply Apparently irrational thinking is contagious.
  • [ – ] SylvesterSan reply Women should do this women shouldn't do that, do they have no choice of their own anymore?
  • albanothemadman reply Uggggh....this man is just a treat. Can we punch people over the internet yet?
  • Debrajo33 reply I've seen that guy before. Not Alex, the other guy. He's what we call in America a joker or a low-down. Alex seems nice. I do wonder what he meant. hmm...
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