Matt Plays: Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver #2

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  • Rawman reply Soul Reaver is a classic game from the good old days of my youth! I think i had it on the DC.
  • [ – ] SharkPlaysGames reply you need to get OBS. its freeware and really great. anyway, if you don't kill the first vampire hunters that you come across, when you get to the human city, they will get on their knees and praise you as you walk by them.
  • [ – ] Harbinger50 reply I was actually planning to get to this one on my channel using the dreamcast. Nice to see other creators keeping the old school stuff alive and on the radar.
    • [ – ] Mad_Matt_Inc parent reply I'd say till do it. Like the see the contrast between the other ports.
      • Harbinger50 parent reply Hell, I might start it tonight. I WAS trying out Starlancer, but man . . . I guess there was a reason I never got around to playing more than a mission of it. Shocking that it came from the guy who gave us the epic Wing Commander franchise. I've done 3 missions now and . . . well I recorded them and they'll go up, but that's probably the last the channel will see of that game haha. So yeah, Soul Reaver it is.
  • [ – ] tomtil reply Awesome video! Never played this game but it looks cool! :)
    • Mad_Matt_Inc parent reply Visually the Kain games are interesting, and story wise they are one of the best. I've played 4 of the five games in the series for this play through. I don't own one of them yet. And sadly the last one ended due to bad PC ported controls.
  • MrRuseland reply Always remember guys, there once was a time when video games weren't cucked.
  • [ – ] SharkPlaysGames reply Awesome. Soul Reaver. I wanted to do this too but can't get the controller working for my PC. You plan on doing Soul Reaver 2 also?
    • [ – ] kaczan3 parent reply I don't know about SR1, but SR2 on steam works fine with an Xbox1 controller.
      • SharkPlaysGames parent reply ya. SR2 works fine with the Xbox controller but you need third[arty software to get SR1 to work with it because its an older game and Eidoes never fixed it.
    • [ – ] Mad_Matt_Inc parent reply Soul Reaver 1, 2, Blood Omen 2, and as far as I could get into Defiance. Saddly Defiance had to be stopped due to the really poorly converted movement controls, it makes difficult platforming impossible. But just to end it off I added a few important end points on the last episode.
      • [ – ] SharkPlaysGames parent reply cool. are you also going to do the first blood omen?
        • [ – ] Mad_Matt_Inc parent reply Some day, if I can get my hands on it. Also might revisit Defiance if I can find a easy way around the bad PC controlls. Also as for the games not listening to controllers, by the end I was using Antimicro. It allows you to easily put keyboard keys onto your controller as long as it's open in the background.
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