Fox reporter 070916 St Paul MN

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  • Brillsama reply Like any rational person is surprised. BLM is a racist, terrorist group. Props to the reporter.
  • winzigen reply To be clear, any person of any race threatening cops in these rallies should be dispatched.
  • winzigen reply Bring in the national Guard, start putting these animals down like rabid dogs.
  • WhiteAmerican reply Dont get it. They are supposedly there protesting something then when you ask them why so they can answer with what their message is they act like total fools. So i cant see why people would want to listen. Im guessing its because they are clearly racist towards the white guy just proving a point that blacks are racist and clearly dont want peace. They just want to yell and hope white America will just back down like always and give them more free stuff. I dont see them holding rallies and shooting gang members that are destroying their community. Thats right im not selling drugs to your kids im not telling your kids to join gangs im not forcing you to do drugs im not telling you to go out and spray paint everywhere and im not singing rap songs glorifying the thug life. Thats your people doing it. The black americans that have such a horrible life even though you have every opportunity to better your life but its easier to sit at home and collect welfare and food stamps and keep having...more babies but making sure you get your nails and hair done and wear designer clothes while bitching how terrible your life is because your black. Im sorry i dont understand because the government sends me free money every month so i can go sailing on my yacht in the Caribbean on the weekeds like all white people do. Oh wait i dont have a yacht and the government isnt sending me free money. Plus more white people are shot by cops then blacks but as we all know the black community only cares about themselves and the free stuff they can get by calling white Americans racists and acting out like children throwing a tantrum until they get something. Thats our fault for backing down all the time and letting you act the way you do. Its like training a dog to sit except we trained you to act out and then give you something to make it stop. Well white America wake up and put a stop to it. Side note for all you white people out there thinking their black lives suck just look at everything we give them and even passed laws making you hire them give them credit and give them housing because white people are the ones that freed you and passed every law giving you the opportunities to succeed. You werent the only race that was mistreated in life but your the only that cries about. Grow up stop destroying your community and stop blaming white people for you being losers.
  • publius reply
  • publius reply
  • publius reply
  • SralinInHell reply Все нигеры подохнут
  • miltonmar91 reply Nice, I'm starting to respect BLM now more that they are becoming more radical. Fox News Imperialist/ Capitalist puppet BTFO!!!
  • TwinTown reply This group has totally lost my support. I've had the chance to see them in action and most are uneducated, racist thugs. Their actions aren't revolutionary, they are counterintuitive. People need to start speaking out against this crap.
  • John1536 reply "What is he doing there?" Lol he's reporting your chimpening dumb bitch.
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