Big Boo: Damn, it feels good to be a Nintendo fan

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  • Ms_K reply I hope Mizzah Tee comes over!!!
  • [ – ] medbrah reply You like paid DLC for Zelda and paid online gaming service like Xbox Live? You always said how much you hated having to pay for content on Destiny... In any case awesome mega man x in the end!
    • Bombiz parent reply >paid DLC But this is also on other systems.
    • ShinyBigBoo parent reply I actually don't love the DLC for Zelda, now that it's been detailed. And paying for stuff always sucks when those things could be free... but stuff I pay for doesn't break as often. I definitely don't like subscription-based content like Destiny, just because one game ends up costing over $150, which is why I'm hoping indies (and kickstarters) help bring down the overall cost of gaming and game development! It's just cool to see Nintendo sorta get with the times.
  • [ – ] Ms_K reply awesome video, loved it
    • [ – ] ShinyBigBoo parent reply Thanks Mama K!! >:D If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here. Maybe Mizzah Tee will convert and get 3x the views here.
      • [ – ] Ms_K parent reply @Mizzah_Tee & @ShinyBigBoo so glad u both are over here reppin Nintendo
        • ShinyBigBoo parent reply shit! I didn't know he'd set up a profile, I'll fix my vid description. He's one of my biggest inspirations. I think he's got like 398 videos on YT now.
  • natervader reply Only part I don't really agree with is probably the social network aspects of the switch but otherwise pretty slick.
  • [ – ] AroundDaClockGames reply Awesome Video Bro! ▘‿▝
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply Oh yes, Nintendo is fucking badass, I been a Nintendo fan since I 8 years old, when I first had the original Game Boy, then I had the SNES, NINTENDO 64, GAME BOY ADVANCE, GAME CUBE, DS Lite, Wii and 3DS, I plan to get the Nintendo switch Come November this year. Man I am a huge nintendo fan and I am proud.
    • ShinyBigBoo parent reply Yes!! The Switch might be my favorite hardware yet, and I've collected them all so far. It has the power of a console and the portability of a handheld. I bet you're going to love it!!
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Nintendo definitely have been doing great recently, interesting idea that the Axiom Verge rejection might be due to an actual metroid game being made. I also agree that all the indie devs are going to make it so much better for people that own a switch.
  • [ – ] FreshTechTV reply Dope video, honestly I think the new 2ds xl looks dope I was never a fan of 3d
    • ShinyBigBoo parent reply You've got some pro videos yourself!! Check out @FreshTechTV after you've beheld my brilliance, mortals! >:D A great Nintendo Switch video here: Excellent work, bloodbag!! I bet your brain is delicious
  • ShinyBigBoo reply I love that my videos bring the Nintendo fans out! >:D! You're not alone - or too old!
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