Who Are the Globalists Infiltrating Cryptocurrency?

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  • [ – ] lewren reply Although XRP can be traded in BTC, I fail to see how this would be a move from big banks to take over, but if you know something I don't please do enlighten me. From what I understand Ripple is just a form of replacement for things like Swift, making banking both cheaper and much faster compared to today specifically for making international transfers. I mean, whats the point of a wire transfer to China for example, costing several dollars and take 4-6 days to process, having to go through multiple banks in order for it do so? Not to mention the things that can go wrong on the way, and the time it takes for banks to correct potential problems in an international transfer. The issue with the banks and government issued currency is not so much the government and banks, but the people that use them. Simply put, more people need to use crypto- but I do think its to early for that. Firstly because there has been no real motivator for people, like a crash that would offer a second solution...more. And secondly, because Bitcoin clearly is heading into a bubble. There is just no way that what we have been seeing the last past months, is not a bubble. Would be interesting to know who is behind it tho.
    • [ – ] Desolator2B parent reply I'm a fairly skeptical person and when any crypto project actively work with the banks I am naturally weary. So for example, what's to say the banks won't just take control of XRP and use it as the one world global currency that can be tracked and traced. It's a very attractive system because the supply can be manipulated and controlled by a central authority. They've already locked up 60% of their own money supply. It's basically a digital Federal Reserve.
      • [ – ] lewren parent reply Nothing wrong with skepticism :) Well, in regards to Ripple, it was more or less created for banks. I've signed up for their newsletter, and pretty much all news are regarding Ripple, banks and the expansion. But this doesn't change the fact that each currency is its own system. Even if they want to make it a one world currency, it doesn't really matter since we can always choose to use something else. Thats why I say the issue is not banks or governments, but people themselves. One thing that does worry me tho regarding this crypto-bubble we're seeing now, is that there might be very big players that have started trading (thus the bubble) and if I may get conspiratorial for a moment and say it is banks and/or governments behind this bubble, they will eventually pop it perhaps to damage peoples trust in crypto since there is so little really standing in the way for people of a new "crypto" mindset. They (the people) might not know it due to there at the moment not being any real ince...morentive for them to switch from fiat, but the governments and banks sure as hell know it.
        • [ – ] Desolator2B parent reply Good point, wouldn't governments just force the use of the currency? Remember that the governments greatest weapon is fear. "You must comply or we will arrest you." Now, as far as the crypto bubble, I've thought the same thing. I warned in my video the other day that there will be an event that would be blamed on Bitcoin's price drop if it did tank. Only time will tell if this is the case.
          • [ – ] lewren parent reply Sure, they could make it illegal to use alternative currency, but how would they regulate it? It would be virtually impossible for them to trace payments by other currencies that they don't control. If they dis start to regulate it, I'd guess it wouldn't be very difficult to implement Tor-support into wallets making it even impossible to even track it should governments start sniffing traffic and inspecting packets from each and every person. Yes I do fear you might be correct in that one. We'll just have to wait and see.
            • [ – ] Desolator2B parent reply Could they use an artificial intelligence system to track payments?
              • [ – ] lewren parent reply If encryption is applied, then no, not with todays technology. They might track individual people although it would be very costly in terms of hardware and energy it would take, but never a whole population. One day they might be able to do it with quantum computers, but thats probably way off. Besides, when that kind of technology is available for governments to crack encryption the same will be available for people to use for encryption. Putting us back at square one. And seeing how coercion is the only thing governments have to rely on compared to society as a whole, I'm feeling fairly certain we'll have the upper hand even if/when quantum computers are commercially available. Kind of like with Bitcoin. It didn't even take 10 years after people on mass started using the Internet before it was available (that is comparing amount of people online pre and post 2000 in my own experience). If one man can come up with such a simple idea to fuck over every bank and government in the wor...moreld, I'd say there is good grounds for thinking that governments wont get far even With quantum computing on their side.
                • [ – ] Desolator2B parent reply Fascinating perspective, shoot me an email. blackburnsbitcast@protonmail.com We should have a discussion on this sometime over Hangouts.
                  • [ – ] lewren parent reply Thanks, and I would, although I've been dark on the web for a very long time. No cam, no mic, no FB, Twitter etc, As little Google as possible, you know, the regular stuff to keep a low profile. I don't even use a cell phone hehe. But I do appreciate your video topics and have nothing against comment-conversations like this :)
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