Why the Text-only Terminal is Awesome in 2017

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  • TheOuterLinux reply https://vid.me/TheOuterLinux/albums/command-line
  • googIesux reply sentiment about doing what i want it to do and then getting out of the way definitely resonates with me. it's something i'm always "meaning to do", looking up these terminal programs. i'm actually really looking forward to this :D man, your channel just keeps becoming more and more interesting. keep it up!
  • YaBoyGriff reply Nice video, i just upvoted your video! If you wouldn't mind, please go check out my profile and my video and leave a follow if you would like to! God bless!
  • [ – ] TheSolamnic reply I'm one of the young Linux nerds you described, but I love the terminal. I love playing with the terminal and even installed Arch Linux for fun. The idea of Linux distros shipping without a terminal is very scary to me... I love my terminal, if you want to take it away from me you can pry it from my cold, dead hands.
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