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  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply making videos help me with my public speaking and communication skills soooo much. Great advice dude.
    • LegendGary323 parent reply Same with me, before i had the hardest time doing public speaking up until i started making videos!
    • [ – ] danielamann parent reply I agree! Talking in front of a class presentation is like a walk in the park when you've been working on talking to an audience on a regular basis
      • [ – ] girlreadingbooks parent reply Triple agree! I used to get stage fright in music school, and I'll say speaking is 10x easier!! As a warm up to your camera, sometimes singing into it and then watching it is good, condition yourself to the sound of your own voice and sight of you own face. Don't worry - people are here for your thoughts and are forgiving :) Love your channel @danielamann !
        • danielamann parent reply Awww thanks so much! Such kind words!!! I can't sing, but if I did I'd definitely do it on camera! Wouldn't want to kill your ears though
  • [ – ] warren reply Really helpful, thanks Daniel!
  • [ – ] indiGO_SUn reply Fuck yeah. Inspired me to go buy a video camera.
  • [ – ] Grumanilt reply this was useful, thanks for sharing :)
  • [ – ] MeetingSkylar reply i think you get used to talking to a camera after filming yourself for a certain amount of time. great video, love the way you edit:)
  • [ – ] PowerKegGreg reply Wonderful video! Definitely helpful for many peoples includeing myself! Nice touch with ELO Telephone :D
  • [ – ] Techmike23 reply Thanks for the video! Really helpful to all of us!
  • [ – ] Thatonecoupletv reply "Giving a presentation to an audience" The best advice. Love seeing your progression going back and looking at older vlogs to where you are at now!
    • danielamann parent reply Some of my older stuff from the beginning is humbling to watch to see how far I have come and so fast!!! Doing it daily definitely has helped me grow and improve
  • [ – ] ZacUlrichTV reply Great video!
  • [ – ] jonathanrc05 reply Love this video! This surely will help me in my future vlogs!
  • [ – ] acidbath32 reply to achieve this effect I have to take a xanax
  • [ – ] dreambigbeats reply good work daniel
  • [ – ] jtarrats reply Ive recently thought about doing videos to promote my paintings, but been screen scares the hell out of me . Probably because U hate the way my voice sounds.
  • [ – ] BJCRfilms reply Very true man!
  • [ – ] CitizenTruth reply Love your video man! This helped me so much!
    • danielamann parent reply It did? Awww that is awesome to hear! I really like hearing that! SO glad I could have an impact on you! And also that you enjoyed the video =D
  • [ – ] chedyb3ar reply Great video dude. Love the cinematography and vlog overall. Explained what needed to say❤
  • [ – ] LaurenLonestar reply Yay! Someone else like me. I never script my stuff either. Good video!
    • danielamann parent reply That's the best way to do it if you ask me! But for some people it really helps to have a script. I think it just depends on the topic and who you are =D Thanks a lot
  • [ – ] duffy reply like that intro track!
  • [ – ] BeadingonaBudget reply love the video, I need so much help with this...for my business and personal life too! Thank you!
  • [ – ] QuazzVids reply Awesome video my dude. Those are definitely some words of wisdom. Reminds me of when I used to vlog back in the day.
  • [ – ] TheFancyPig reply Great video! Thanks for uploading!
  • [ – ] Critical_Thinker reply My problem is being coherent, tongue tied, brainfartitis, i think, there for im mixed up, heck even my typing is eclectic, what was i saying?
  • [ – ] stopjabbaingon reply I just decided to not give a damn, I don't them, they don't know me, and we'll probably never see each other again
    • danielamann parent reply That attitude definitely helps! I'm not bothered by it either, personally, but it's hard for a lot of people to just think that way! Those of us who aren't bothered by it are pretty fortunate
  • [ – ] KotaTail reply Whenever i did vlog, tons of people have me a look not just one or two. I cant really film anywhere because sometimes youre not allowed to film in certain places
    • [ – ] danielamann parent reply I feel like a lot of people give me looks that I don't always notice. I'm pretty focused on the camera a lot so I miss some of the awkward glances. To be honest though, the looks don't bother me. Not being able to film places is the worst. I hate when that happens
      • [ – ] KotaTail parent reply Also I cannot film at my school alot because since im in special ed, I cannot film my friends without their permission while also its against the rules to film during school hours. I'm planing on vlogging my 2nd year going to a twins game with my special education class, so thanks for at least helping me try to think about making vlogs again.
        • danielamann parent reply Hey I understand. Lots of people have told me that their schools don't allow them to film. Really a bummer, but maybe you could do it on weekends or if you ever go anywhere
  • [ – ] CRANTIME reply good stuff, honestly. stuff to work on
  • [ – ] MyCrazyCockatoo reply Great ideas. Thanks. - My favorite wild WA weather was always April's "HailShine", hailing in the front yard while the sun is shining in the back... it's on its way :)
    • danielamann parent reply That has been happening!!!! Just the other day I couldn't see out the window because it was so bright, meanwhile the window was being pelted with rain. Our weather around here is definitely unique to say the least
  • [ – ] ParadigmProspector reply Now or never. Cheers for your input dude!
  • nodetact reply Thanks a ton! I really needed this to prepare for my what is now the tertiary video on the Diagnoseer channel - on accident! Confidence, engagement and even modesty aren't really such an issue for me, not so much more than finding the right push to see which ideas have unique potential to ideas drive my content forward in the best way to reap the most success. I feel that the way anybody combats "spectator zoning" from a lens mechanism has to be more about being intimidated from the insurmountable accolades they were guided with rather than be afraid of judgement or disapproval. And only then, do I believe that being self confident is what makes up more than the power of having yourself projected.
  • DanielHuntington reply That's actually really good advice that I'll consider practicing in the future. In most of my past videos on the platform where I talk into a camera, I would write stuff on my Notes application to keep myself concentrated on what I was trying to talk about. I want to try moving away from that to a degree.
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