Cutie Honey Review

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  • slyofwar reply Sometimes a film needs more action to keep the entertainment going like Godzilla Final Wars 2 hours of pure Kaiju/Human/alien action
  • GaryTurbo reply If it wasn't in Japanese, i wouldve gave it a 5/5
  • Fighting_Zenith reply This is one of the best reviews that you and Creepy have done. Seriously, it summarizes my thoughts on this film quite nicely. (This film was more interesting than good. Re: Cutie Honey, on the other hand, was lousy and did even more damage to Honey Kisaragi as a character. Hell, Cutey Honey Flash and Tears (2016 film) were more respectful to the original.) I suggest that you watch the 1994 OVA New Cutey Honey, which is awesome. (Fun fact: Go Nagai chose Jessica Calvello out of a demo tape.)
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