Top 10 games coming to the Wii U in 2017 | TeamEliteBros

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  • [ – ] JourneyStudioCo reply The Wii U is like that really great Pizza Place across town, great are first, until you realize that the owner is a convicted felon, and the guy who is always there when you're there is a pedophile who is genuinely crazy, the cops come and everyone is just looking, his children ask "Dad, Dad, where are you going!" he replies "Everything will be fine" then he escapes the handcuffs and starts running, he reaches a local 7-Eleven and asks for a pack of cigs, the clerk refuses so the pedo trashes the place, the cops arrive and what do you know, he's gone. The pedo is now in South Dakota in a Super 8 Motel, it might have been a Kings Inn now thinking about it but I digress, he's sleeping when all of a sudden he wakes up in a prison cell, he's sentenced to life. As his life continues he starts digging this hole in the cell wall. One night the guards check on him to find that he's escaped. The man hunt is on but the pedo changes his name, gets a job at Nintendo, and changes his name. His firs...moret idea, well that would be... the Wii U.
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