Muath al-Kasaesbeh FAKE ISIS burning

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  • reemajo1 reply Stop saying fake and act we in jordan each house lost a son or brother when we معاذ،كساسبه. Is our son our brother .why they will not do that afraid,from us afraid from usa they kill your sons,kil ours,kill that feeling,of happy .we apreciate your feeling that saying it is fake we hope but no he go to his god now in paradise
  • eid3id1617 reply Did anyone else see the plastic dripping right after the guy said it was plastic?
  • Shahd reply Taking his clothes off wouldn't have protected him since there was fire all over the cage .. and the "stop drop and roll" wouldn't have helped either for the same reason .. Anyway I am not sure if this video is fake or not .. but Im sure Mo'ath is dead .. and that they're using his death to drag us into a war that is not ours for reasons that most of us know!
  • nedal reply Inevitably he Video Cinema, not real, intended to mislead the world public opinion about the nature of the organization of the Islamic state, and the main goal is to introduce the Jordanians in a war that is not theirs with the Islamic state. And have succeeded in deceiving the Jordanian Arab public opinion. God is enough and yes, the agent of injustice darkness.
  • Perception reply Of course they're trying to make it look realistic..but the pugilistic stance doesn't cause both of your elbows to lock at 90°, like in the video, they would've most likely been drawn all the way to the bicep & his fists aren't clinched ;P
  • zoethepug reply The position of the body the hands - Once while listening to a trial, I heard a medical examiner use a term called pugilistic stance - A ‘defensive’ position fancifully likened to that adopted by pugilists (boxers), which is typically seen in severely burned bodies, characterised by flexion of elbows, knees, hip, and neck, and clenching of hand into a fist; it is caused by high-temperatures in fire, resulting in muscle stiffening and shortening; it occurs even if the person was dead before the fire. In order to look realistic, they would have to have done their homework about this. I found this part of the video to be extremely realistic to show the body in a pugilistic stance.
  • rocketrodney1234 reply They dumped rubble on the cage to hide the aftermath of a burnt plastic dummy. lol If this was a horror movie I'd ask for a refund due to poor special effects.
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