Brewing Maple Bacon Brown Ale by MoreBeer controller1gaming style! - The Brew Monks

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  • [ – ] Jergen_Flarg reply Hey I keep forgetting to ask, do you guys like Belgian styles? I don't think I've heard you mention them, nor have I seen them in your flavour profiles. Anyway keep it up guys! You seem to be picking up a bit faster now.
    • [ – ] TheBrewMonks parent reply Love them actually! I suppose we should update our profile! Perhaps we should get a kit to brew soon! Look for it!
      • [ – ] Jergen_Flarg parent reply Well if you do, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Patersbier kit on NB. It's not a huge tripel or anything, just a 6% blond ale. Extremely refreshing with loads of Belgian yeast flavour. It might be my favourite kit I've brewed so far! ( also it was the second kit I ever did and on the second day of fermentation I forgot to put the AC on in my room for temp control, and since it was the middle of summer when I came home from work the lid was blown off and my closet was PLASTERED with semi dried yeast krausen. my room smelled like sickly banana esters for ages and the fruit flies had a field day lol)
        • TheBrewMonks parent reply OMG that is hilarious! Never had a lid blow off before! Man oh man! Patersbier is now on the list buddy. Working on some more Subscriber videos right now! Look for those soon as well.
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