The Video Game Years - 1989 Pt 8 - Mega Man 2, The Wizard, Final Fight, Bayou Billy, Legendary Axe

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  • RedDaikini reply So sad to have reached the end of this stellar series! You guys did such a bang-up job, and I look forward to future productions! ^_^
  • [ – ] BlackbirdFrost reply Yep...I remember The Wizard. I remember seeing it in the theater when I was 9. Advertising frickin' works because I never wanted a game as bad as SMB3 after that movie. To be fair, though, it was actually an amazing game!
    • BlackbirdFrost parent reply Shame about the power glove's so bad.
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  • MosleyBoxing reply What's up!? I just found and followed you by way of Toy Bounty Hunters channel! I'll be checking out more of your channel over the weekend! You'll see me! :)
  • RedDaikini reply You guys kinda blew my mind with the Rain Man comparison. Can't believe I never made that connection! o_O
  • Retroware reply I was 9 too!
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