my 5 childhood games

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  • [ – ] RetroBit reply I played Diablo 1 a fair amount. But Diablo 2.. If I put as much time and effort into a skill that I put into that game I could have become an artist, or a programming prodigy or cured cancer. lol. I still play it off and on to this day, but sparingly compared to high school..
    • Neilist parent reply I can very much relate to this. Oh the things I could achieve if I had spent that time on science instead of video games...
  • HeroicVillain reply I think I went through something like this with @MariaTheGerman , but here it goes. (5) Mail Order Monsters, giving my age away a little. I was just a little tike when this came out, and I was into this the way the Pokémon generation were into that. I was probably the only kid around who had a computer in their house. (4) Street Fighter II, again, giving my age away, but yeah I was the guy that used the cheapest moves to beat the guy who practiced all day, (3) Metroid II: Return of Samus was my favorite game for quite a while. My friend and I used to race to see which one of us could beat it faster and how much Samus would take off. (2) StarCraft & Brood Wars, and @Neilist knows exactly why, (1) Halo 2 cause say what you will about Halo, but it was hella-fun to get stupid competitive with. @Neilist I'm looking forward to trolling your classical gaming.
  • [ – ] jhk reply @Eilytres @MajorSvenGaming @Chazzyvee you guys were tagged! Sorry @Neilist description tags are not working yet!
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