Your values are precisely the problem

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  • [ – ] not_shadowbanned_yet reply Wooo! Shoutout! I've had some ideas to help South Africans, comment if you have any other ideas: An international employment website for White South Africans An international dating website for White South Africans Also, never moderate your message. That is some bullshit that anyone would say that. I could also be more presentable.
    • doomguard1488 parent reply How about a college scholarship program? In the future, also a refugee program. Right now with our pozzed fucking bullshit anti-white governments, it would be a long-shot, but perhaps we should start working on it anyway so that in the future we can get it through.
  • doomguard1488 reply Here's where you can help out Not Shadowbanned Yet:
  • [ – ] not_shadowbanned_yet reply You should've told Mike D that saying you're being divisive is "not an argument"
  • [ – ] Minion1488 reply Hey Doom, what happened to your jewtube channel?
  • [ – ] IRONSKIN14 reply The reason for most of our problems these days isn't christianity, it's atheism and to a larger extent nihilism. Though I'm not Christian, I admit that Europe was united by christianity. And all the problems we have today aren't the cause of christianity but are, partially, caused by christianity weakening.
    • doomguard1488 parent reply Dude, christianity is fucking everywhere today. It's not weakened, and even if it were, they have no one to blame but themselves. They launched two world wars against their own, for no reason, and they fucking destroyed Europe. Now that most christians are not white, they suddenly want christian "unity" so that they can flood Europe with christian niggers from Africa, and the fucking pope is kissing their feet and welcoming them in to rape our women and children. People need to wake the fuck up. America is worse off quite frankly, and it's the most christian modern country in the world.
    • doomguard1488 parent reply Dude, read some history. The history of christianity is a long and bloody story of pointless fighting and killing and all the while ignoring the true invasions and problems of Europe, just as they're doing now.
  • theunbeholden reply 1. Homosexuality undermines the family unit. Instead of parenting being about biological parents, it purports to explain that anyone can be a parent regardless of whether they chose to have children or not. Parenting instead becomes socially constructed- depedent on whatever the people in power say it is. In politics everyone has a agenda it will be used to justify taking children away from biological parents to be raised by the state or by unfit non-biological parents. Since family is socially contrustucted you are no more entitled to your children than anyone else is. As such the family unit must be preserved against perverting it into something it isn't- non-biological. 2. Homosexuality undermines tradition. Both women and men play important roles in passing on traditions. Men by discipline and physical activities, and women by social values and emotional support - both work in tandem get a child ready for life in a community. Homosexuals don't pass on traditions. a) most homosexua...morels are not monogamous, they in fact have hundreds of partners in their lifetime which gives them very little time or inclination (low-investment parenting) to pass on traditions to children (one of the reasons why polygamous societies never lasted long) and b) homosexuals don't have children of their own, which means you are glorifying and producing role-models that encourage people to experiment with the same sex instead of getting married. This means you will get less children & less traditions are passed on as a result. 3. Homosexuality undermines meritocracy. Gays hire other gays. Instead of gays hiring men with the right skills, past work-experience (merit), innate abilities (intelligence or physical health) or character (virtues/values) for the job they hire someone who is batting for their team so-to-speak. Homosexuals can easily spot each other, which means it undermines any system that has technocratic or meritocratic elements. 4. Alot of homosexuals (anywhere from 30-60%) are pedophiles. I think that is self-explanatory why you wouldn't want them looking after children with that kind of risk. 40-50% of male homosexuals are victims of child abuse. 86% of pedophiles described themselves as homosexual or bisexual.
  • theunbeholden reply Being Gay Is A Choice -
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