Why working MEN are tired of single mothers PT 2 (The Woes of Section 8 Hoez)

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  • Star_Wars6collector reply we are all the same race of people with all shades of colour and those that wish to say we are all divided are falling right into the oldest trap in the world that keeps all people apart so the 1% wealthy keep all the wealth,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply and there sure is a lot of racists falling into this from both sides because they have fallen for the 1%'s trap to race bait people, look at all the real salve private prisons that costs over $100,000 per person yet if most of those people would have had jobs that paid $50,000 they would not be in prison,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply I think the whole system is fraud and it has nothing to do with race when they make it hard for all people to get ahead the 1%, also I think your numbers are completely wrong because you left out a huge native population as well as the middle eastern population, to the white people are not 60% and you also left out all the other people from many other places, I think your getting false into from google, those bankers love to keep all the people down by making racists wars by using race when it is the 1% that have all the wealth,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply You know what is wrong with the system, that they make it so hard to own a house for anyone, and they should have houses for all people, some single mothers never give the money to there kids and some dead beat fathers as well, get off the race bro because it does not matter what colour you are it is about all the wealth the one % has over all of us, there should be no welfare, there should be houses for all people
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