Cop abusing powers, searches star trek fans car for no reason

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  • JoJoDan reply Goes to show you that being a trained professional does not make you an honest person. And this sort of thing happens in every profession. There is always some nut wanting to manipulate the system in order to get a higher salary and a promotion. I know this from personal experience at one of my former jobs. I got blamed for something that I did not do by my boss, though a different employee was to blame. But because he wanted to retire soon with a raise in his salary that could occur just before he retired, he did not want a 'blemish' on his management record that year. If he had blamed the incident on the real person who did it, he would have to go through a hearing. But with me having the least seniority there and me telling him that I was planning to move out of state to reunite with my wife who found a good job for her career ----------- well that was just too tempting for him and so he lied and blamed it on me. He knew that I would not press for a hearing on the matter. There is...more more to this story of course, but the main point is that people we tend to respect without question can disappoint us and unfortunately many give in to the temptation of stepping on others to get ahead.
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