A Tale of Two Narratives #1 - The Media Halo

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  • Bea_Smith reply This is really well put together. Very much appreciate this.
  • slimjimpui reply I don't trust a word that comes out of Syria in terms of reporting. That not only goes for the way the MSM portrayed the "chemical attack" but also the aftermath of the airstrike. I highly suspect that the casualities were caused by the missiles that failed to hit their target(the alleged airstrip), I also highly suspect that said failed missiles were shot down... possibly by rebels; possibly by those who arranged the false flag attack earlier in the week
  • whatthefunk reply You only need to watch gadaffi's last interview to understand why they want to take Syria down. It's basically the same thing repeating itself. The key part of the interview is when journo asks how to address him. Answer- whatever you like you're a free man.
  • Politics_N_Games reply The West supported the Bahrain government, when its people rebelled against them. So it's pretty obvious the West isn't interested in the populations of Middle Eastern countries. The West wants rid of Assad for their own reasons.
  • [ – ] Forestal reply I'm sure most people "aspire" to be a state-funded BBC Middle East Bureau Chief (Lyse) with a daily "captured" audience of millions, VS an independent journalist(Eva) speaking to a mostly empty room-- but who should/ would people actually listen to?
    • Forestal parent reply When the Norwegian reporter questioned Eva Barlett's findings, it occurred to me that the MSM is pretty much anti-skepticism like the SJWs-- in that their very "methodology" (read: ideology) for determining and presenting their "truths/ facts" is more of a business/ political decision than a scientific investigation.... though quite understandably so, since you won't be able to create or sell too many stories when you accept the Null Hypothesis (No evidence = no connection)
  • Partially_Evil reply Children whine on camera: OMG, SO TURIBUL! BOMB SYRIA NOAW! Women cry on camera: OMG! INVADE ALL THE COUNTRIES!!! Educated and Informed Men bring up facts and data casting doubt/contradicting the former two: SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKING WHITE MALE!!! WHAT KIND OF HORRIBLE PERSON ARE YOU?!?! And this is why we cannot have nice things…
  • MikeDance reply Wait wait wait.... A British contractor? Should remove them as a contractor this is bad for us.
  • Hopeavalo reply Great work, Sargon!
  • [ – ] xxSupernovaStar reply "I still have his bumper sticker on my car, but if we go into Syria, the bumper sticker goes off." What a stupid thing to say... Like, oh man, gloves are coming off if he takes that bumper sticker.
    • VybeyPantelonez parent reply I removed my picture of the ballot with me voting dt when he bombed syria. It's a symbol. I would still vote dt tho next time if he keeps us out of endless wars and only bombs terrorists.. not sovereign govts/civilians
  • bierhops reply Holy cow. They're worried about Europe when Europe is actively engaged in destroying itself. No France, No Germany, No Belgium we will not fight Islam when you finally find you've been invaded.
  • SkepticalCaveman reply Has he stopped uploading to vidme? His Youtube Channel has several new videos not available here.
  • Bohring reply I admit it wouldn't take much more to make it so, but I think its premature to conclude it's 100% business as usual.
  • Angel-Tibbs reply Excellent layout and I am in full agreement. Thank you.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Dat profile pic tho
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