Fistie Spinters' SJW squad reminds us all the Charlottesville was bad ..

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  • [ – ] DarkQuark reply "I get my info from the late night shows" Yes and that is why you are a reetard.
    • [ – ] GeorgeEnglish parent reply Only one e in retard. Comparing these misfits that haven't got over being bullied at school with retards is a bit harsh on retards.
    • microfree parent reply I get all my news from news tickers. I turn on a news channel, mute it, then just read what scrolls by on the bottom. Sure, I might miss some nuances, but it is short and works for me. Anyone else do that, or is it weird? I just know I have an informed opinion, and don't hesitate to imlress people with it. Err, oppress? Whatever.
    • frankblackcrow parent reply Getting info from all the late night shows,, not to mention that all those guys are all pro Hillary supporters and all lost their shit when they noticed that she actually lost,, that they lost it that much that their all still traumatised from it, and that their flavour of comedy is tainted by that, and has been shown to be why so many are still traumatised as of the continuation of it, as if it's a midday soap opera that is always about the same thing,, their trauma victim's without any real effects of any accident or real villain,, oh but Trump is their villain,, and Hillary is their 2 time looser trauma,, not taking that she lost 2 times and still married to a impeached president that should not even be called an ex president.
    • Geyck parent reply That had the biggest laugh from me.
  • [ – ] Ndoki reply Pfft, my birthday is on 9/11, eat it Martin! Clearly I am more oppressed. Please donate to my patreon.
  • [ – ] notatheist reply "I get my news from Trevor Noah." Oh my god, that explains a lot.
  • [ – ] Stalin2000 reply 1) Kekistani flag 2) ??? 3) violence
  • [ – ] Muddywaters reply You know I can't help wonder at what point these people lost touch with reality. And where was Mr opinion Shives, is he not part of this gang?
  • [ – ] Ripnow reply I don't think they actually believe their own BS.
  • [ – ] LordBeermonster reply I agree with the sjws, driving a car into a crowd of people is bad. Even if that crowd is composed of retards and cucks.
    • microfree parent reply If you're at a protest with white supremacists, and had the good pure antifa are going, and at some point go "yeah, I'm going, sounds like a good way to kill a few hours." At no point did the right cross your mind if might not be safe... Well, what can I say. You obviously are taking a risk, especially given the way BLM and antifa are acting. Frankly, you bore the risk and now live with the consequences. There are many ways to get involved in this debate short of attending a rally where you know there will be violence. I can think of much more deserving people of my sympathy. Granted, I'd prefer it didn't happen like that, but people need to know these aren't just dreams of lollipops and rainbows. People think there are no risks all the time. A case of someone getting into a bar fight, got punched, fell and hit their head. Died. Puncher facing long jail time charges. Freak accident? Maybe, but life is full of risk, deal with it, don't actively seek it out then bitch when it bites you...more.
  • nexist418 reply I appreciate you taking the bullet and watching this to extract these priceless pearls for us.
  • [ – ] siborg reply A bearing video always makes me smile
  • [ – ] VauxhallViva1975 reply The thing that blows my mind with all these leftist attacks on people, is that they don't seem to even grasp the extraordinarily simple premise, that they are in fact what they claim to be fighting against. Anything and anyone who gets in their way, is now attacked with physical violence more and more these days, and they fucking justify it as being just fine so long as you are 'Defending the left' so to speak.
    • [ – ] usr999 parent reply My analysis: Leftists run on feelings. Feelings do not allow self-evaluation or criticism, as that risks hurting those same feelings. In other words, if you live in a feelings-world, you're never wrong. I call it the emotional dictatorship; the followers are prisoners of their own feelings without realizing it.
      • [ – ] usr999 parent reply Or they could be paid by someone, of course.
        • [ – ] microfree parent reply So... It's this like those patriarchy checks in my getting? Are all my leftist friends and family secretly on some payroll? How do they find out, some secret handshake? Pull down the coat hook in the pub under the 2nd bar stool on Tuesdays? What's the secret?
  • [ – ] usr999 reply This is what happens when people have their heads up their own *ss : muh feelings, muh feelings. No, you are not the most important person in the world, so stop looking for attention, you ego-tripper. My hypothesis : society survives when a majority of people cares about facts; when the majority cares about feelings instead, society is doomed. Feelings are just the worst advisor for making life decisions. Feelings are important for nurturing offspring, but NOT for evaluating reality, Problem is, a lot of people are stuck in their principles.
  • JonTheBemused reply That was for real? It would stretch credulity as satire. To consider that there are those amongst them who consider themselves to be intellectuals. I did not detect any rational thought at all. These seemed to be unable to muster more than a few braincells between them. And to suggest a line can be drawn between the Kekistani flag and the normalisation of violence. What a joke. Because all those "Punch a Nazi" videos and the activities of AntiFa and the rest of the Alt-Left did nothing to promote violence. Must have just been figments of all of our fevered imaginations.
  • Victor_von_Doom_Jr reply "Some of those people were victims of the holocaust". Everyone who was a victim of the holocaust is dead. The others who survived are called "survivors". What a dumbass. These idiots really should learn the meaning of words instead of bastardizing them constantly.
  • [ – ] Mephysto reply Him saying he,s Jewish sounds so much like someone saying they have a black friend
    • [ – ] GeorgeEnglish parent reply Or a gay black jewish transgender that their cousin knows.
      • microfree parent reply I think my roommate's sister had a friend that once at next to them during a presentation in that one seminar once. Small world.
    • usr999 parent reply It's a typical emotional hijack of the debate: If you have no solid argument, just say you are part of an oppressed group to elicit empathy, and get sympathy bonus points for the rest of the debate.
  • KJeeMusic reply Danny saying "I'm Jewish, so..........." was just awe inspiring! It made me realize i've always been a 1930's bad guy!
  • Politics_N_Games reply Charlottesville also reminds me of Nazi Germany. Antifa remind me of Hitler's Brown Shirts.
  • [ – ] GeorgeEnglish reply The Holocaust Industry. If it happened, why is it illegal in many countries to deny it? Facts are facts! Soon it will be illegal in the UK also. I questioned it. I did the research. I suggest if you are in a country where you won't go to prison for enquiring, you find out while you can.
  • Shimeran reply Right, because Weimar Germany was totally a time of humor and not a time when two extreme political groups butted heads until the Nazis proved to have a thicker skull.
  • ukelf78 reply Hey bear it shows she died of heart attack wasnt hit by the car
  • GradVM reply "an environment where that kind of staff can fister"... Here comes the Fistie :-D
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