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  • bekoli reply The thing is: Followers are nice but how many actually watched the vids? I noticed a similiar increase in followers but the numbers don't match the views. Any views. So I suspect it's some sort of "Follow you, now follow me" idea. The small ones supporting each other n stuff. Also please do not dabble into politics. Politics involve borders and walls and such should have no place in a sports or martial arts community because that splits the community needless in "them" and "us". Same with religion. My 2 cents.
  • RAGEfit reply What's your best bench press and best squat? Deadlift too? If you do those. Scrolled through your vids and saw you do some strength training :)
  • UnarmoredForce reply How did you get into filming videos? What got you started?
  • JimGiant reply Forgot to mention, I'll accept video questions too, just link here.
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