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  • ScorpionsWrath reply Interesting I wonder if it will take place in the infamous world just with a different character and setting kind of like how they do with the Assassins Creed series.
  • [ – ] cosmania reply YEESSSHHHHH GEEK STUFF !!!! SOMEONE FROM MY KIND :D man I'm so sooooooo freaking stoked for E3 ! Suckerpunch productions is gonna show a new IP and so happy
    • [ – ] ScorpionsWrath parent reply Can't wait for suckerpunches new Ip I'm interested to see what there going to come up with next I mean where do you go after making games about a thieving raccoon and being a superhero lol
      • cosmania parent reply been told it's still a superpower ish thing but in the future and it's an open world game so all good :D
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