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  • [ – ] MeganSGames reply That's some great advice :) Thanks, you have an upvote aha
  • [ – ] Epica reply Really great video man. Hope I keep pushing forward as well. Hay Rage good luck in college man have fun.👊
    • Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply Keep pushing forward. Always. Never stop. The worst thing I did was not go to college sooner. Like I said in the video. I want to reach out and make a positive impact on people like in this video. I need to do more of these videos. Seems like I'm helping some people look back and think about their futures.
  • [ – ] VMQChannel reply This was a awesome message to send. Love it. Congrats on making choices to better yourself. Sending the good vibes your way.
    • Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply Thanks man. My education is my biggest priority. I feel better and healthier. And everyone can be successful if they put their mind to it and I want everyone to succeed.
  • [ – ] thy_koosk reply I think Black Friday is a scam so I won't kill anyone 😂 but I get where you're coming from. My health has been off so I'm trying to get close to fully better before moving ahead in my life and hope to go back to school in a few years once I do have the money and have the energy and sharpness to do so. Anyways I wish you luck with your new endeavors!
    • [ – ] Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply Do it Koosk. I hope you feel better. Don't put anything off. It's the biggest regret I ever made. I'm going full force in my endeavors. You're awesome. Thank you. I really hope I reached a lot of people. That's my goal in this video.
      • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply Np and thank you, I know my limits and in this life I have to take things one step at a time and build things slowly. And you did!
        • [ – ] Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply I think I linked the message to someone else but read down about progressing. That was meant to you.
          • thy_koosk parent reply But you will reach people and and get your message across
          • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply I did read it, and honestly I am a dreamer but idk what my endgame is (it's not to be famous though). All I'm saying is there's a time and place for things. You can put in your all but you have to realize limits. At the moment, I have to roam around and get better before I can go after my goals in full force. You can't just jump into things without money, direction, health, or passion. I did that once, now I have money problems. I'd rather not take risks too quickly like I once did.
  • [ – ] beigeboy reply good video i feel the same way i always say ill do it tomorrow always trying to live in the past saying if only i started yotube 10 years ago maybe i might have more views also with jobs out of work atm and it sucks so much, and its xmas and im broke trying to get a job for xmas, even if i only get 1 months befor befor xmas really need to focus more i think streaming and youtube got in my way of maybe something with my wife thinking ill be big on youtube and make money from gaming, well iv been doing it for 2 years and it aint happend and it wont happen, im just one of those dudes who do get any where
    • Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply Everything you just said is me as well. I've been making videos for two years. I only made like $250 from YouTube. I feel like if I pursued college instead YouTube and gaming I would've gotten somewhere. I'm gonna keep making videos but going to college is my number one priority. I really hope I opened people's eyes. I don't care about the views anymore. I want to make videos on sending positive messages to people. I want everyone to become successful and happy with themselves. Too many people are miserable or love in regret. I don't want that for anyone. I need everyone to go out and get their piece of the pie.
    • Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply That's good. I'm really glad. Take it one step at a time but never delay yourself. Always keep pushing and progressing.
  • [ – ] King_Rocky reply Congratulations on losing WEIGHT! I lost weight 3 months ago (a total of 43 pounds) and kept pushing since. My goals is to succeed in MMA, keep training daily. Get passing grades and join the military. Keep up the great work.
    • Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply Thanks man. I really appreciate the support. I'm also going to college. I'm really doing well. A lot better than I have been. Been making better decisions and am very happy with results. Nothing beats waking up every morning and feeling healthy and being productive.
  • Oatworks reply Congratulations on getting your life together. I am still working on that. My comments on your ultimate guide to everything: "Stop listening to what other people tell you to do." - This is a poetic overstatement that, if followed literally, would be disastrous, as you know. I prefer to express this as "try to maintain impartiality and independence of thought," or perhaps, "consider ideas based on their merits." Naturally, since you have more information about yourself, your ideas about yourself will be more correct on average than others' less-informed ideas. But people don't find these more correct versions of the same idea to be as compelling. "Who are these people to tell you what you can and cannot do?" - That is an excellent question. If the answer is considered honestly, often the answer will be "that person is X, and I should follow their advice or commands because Y." It is important to actually consider the quality of the source, not just to use the question rhetorically. Fo...morer most moral busybodies, though, ignoring them like you say is entirely appropriate. - As for your next comment, I tend to fall into the "taking the easy way out" crowd. I am extremely harsh with myself regarding my past decisions, which tends to result in living in the past and being discouraged, retarding all progress. I have lots of equipment and a radio voice, yet still no VidMe videos, for example. "You can always start fresh." - False, in my experience. But a change of scenery can help. "Before you know it, a decade will pass you by." - Yeah. That happened to me. Going on 12 years now, I think. It sucks. I did go to college. A degree and 5 bucks will buy you a cup of coffee these days. Looks like we are at the same point in life, roughly. Good to know that someone else out there is dealing with the same bullshit as I am.
  • [ – ] BestBroPlayerGamingChannel reply What you said is something that is said so many times and still people wont get it. I'm just starting to live my own life slowly but surely. Good thing I'm just 22 so haven't lost a thing yet.
    • Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply Yeah, a lot of people say it but don't do it. At least I made the attempt with this video. Yeah, you're still young. Good thing I still look 22 so I don't feel like I lost out but so many people lost their faith in me.
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