Thinking about Quitting Youtube

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  • [ – ] Klopariu reply First of all...Love the show, keep it up!! Secondly... Youtube is slowly dying, and the biggest problem for me is that alot of my content on the channel gets banned,sometimes for no rightful reason. I've had a video of mine claimed by Sony Music for a song that isn't even Sony's!! When i do monetize a video, i just let the REAL owners of the music I use get the rewards, but when i get claims from companies that don't even own the songs... thats robbery!!! So here i am on Vidme, trying to bring some Portuguese speaking people here!! Let's see how this goes!
    • mediaglitch parent reply Yeah that always suck, one time for about 4 months my channel was owned by WARNER BROS. because of a movie review I did. It took a ton of emails and paper work to get my channel back. Now I dont do movie reviews anymore. lol
  • [ – ] LoreReloaded reply Oh wow.. I had no idea you guys were a video cool is that ;) I want to be you guys when I grow up! Youtube is a different beast.. You have to work it and keep at it.. It's a marathon not a race.. CONGRATS ON YOUR FEATURE TO MAN.. you guys rock it out.. If there's anything I can do to help out..let me know..
  • [ – ] lickerlovermd reply I gave up on Youtube long ago.
  • [ – ] lilRickst3r reply I know what you are taking on YouTube it hard to grow as a small channel
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