Marvel Goes Full Fatwa: A Rant

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  • [ – ] truckmyad reply funniest was Russian Colossus wearing shirt that said do NOT take Jews and Christians as allies.
    • [ – ] nightwishfan1991 parent reply Who had a relationship with and is close friends with Kitty Pryde.....who's Jewish.
      • [ – ] truckmyad parent reply hey never got Kitty Pryde right in the movies. She was never casted properly. Natalie Portman would've been good maybe.
        • [ – ] OrionBlastar parent reply Kitty Pride was a character they always tried to change or get rid of. As Shadowcat she was trained by Wolverine to be a Ninja, and then Osako possessed her. I think at first she was called Sprite, and then Shadowcat. Her Phasing ability was messed up and only Dr. Doom could save her, and he did. Kitty Pride was put into a giant bullet in space. Joined the Guardians of the Galaxy. Almost married Star-Lord and had a relationship with Colossus before that. I remember one alternative reality where she ran for Mayor of Chicago and won and tried to bring equal rights for mutants, etc. Another alternative reality Sentinels murdered mutants and she sent Rachel Summers back in time to warn them, etc. Modern Marvel in the Disney era does not know how to use her in a comic, and she has always been a voice of reason. She is the one that got Wolverine to learn to control his anger and be a teacher, etc.
          • [ – ] truckmyad parent reply Thanks for the Kitty backstory. Such great material. She could've been a stand alone herione every bit as much as Mockingbird hunger games or Divergent.
            • OrionBlastar parent reply She is the original superhero for girls and women to look up to. Marvel doesn't need to make more diversity a lot of X-Men characters are already diverse they just don't write good stories or plots for them anymore.
  • [ – ] BlunderingFool reply Then that just maybe they'll learn and not piss off their next generation of fans? Wait, will they have a next generation of fans?
    • CodeHandLuke parent reply You can check out the numbers here yourself: (It looks like the annual sale numbers are decreasing slowly).
  • weekendwarrior reply There's news that this cunt got fired, so there's that.
  • [ – ] Zenbloke reply Bro I Subscribe to you on YouTube where you have nearly 90.000 sub's this platform is for little channels like mine trying to get seen once I get over 2000 subs on YouTube I'll most likely stop posting here so as much as I dig your content I'm not sure you shroud be here mate big love and god fucking speed.
    • Addicted2danger parent reply A vid like this will get demonetized the sec he UL it nowadays, no point to UL this kind of material on YT anymore unless you have good patrons, still, it's better to help build up a new community where you'll be able to monetize all of your content no matter how politicly incorrect... IMO
    • TeLin parent reply I think he, and many others, are hoping this can be the platform that takes over YouTube after all the advertising bullshit controversy as well as youtube's lack of communication. We'll see.
  • PirateMonkE reply There's also a panel where Nightcrawler swings a baseball bat and the way it's drawn, it looks like he's smacking Kitty Pride in the face.
  • xCreativeNotion reply lol HEY MAN awesome video! come check me out when you get the chance!
  • AmateurBellyDance reply #LongHairDon'tCare
  • iAmEnglishTV reply lol, this was pure comedy, great video!
  • kendrakane reply jajajajajajajajajaja
  • doombybbr reply According to a guy called applebend this has a lot of roots in indonesian politics - and most indonesians think it is fucking bullshit.
  • Gabrihel reply Marvel is a religion of peace. Don't be a bigot.
  • c_arnold03 reply It doesn't matter at this point what the artists intention was. Ardian Syaf's U.S. agents will be avoiding using him until this dies down and it's only made possible due to the simple fact that there are a ton of illustrators in developing countries more than capable of taking on the challenge of illustrating American comics in our globalized world. This is made necessary for the publishers survival because consumption of establishment/legacy comic book publications, and legacy media in general, has been declining for years. I'm so confident that this decline has reached a point of no return that I'm more confident in that the medium of comics will endure, but have little confidence any of the publishers in operation today will. And let's be honest with ourselves here. A person is more likely to have picked up/downloaded the latest first person shooter than a comic. Who picks up comics these days anyway? When was the last time we went to a comic shop? I've not seen a child with a comi...morec in their hands since I was one myself. The publishers are lifeless shambling zombies. Ignore them, move on and do more adult things. Like make money and fuck bitches.
  • deathtotheleft reply And for the dirty kaffir that disputes Islam being the religion of peace, the knife to the throat!
  • RoboLynx reply Holy shit, when I first read this guy's name I forced myself into giving him the benefit of the doubt against my knee-jerk reaction. Turns out my first instinct was right.
  • deathsite1902 reply BRO just grow a beard already. Ill give you 5 bucks if you do.
  • AnimeReviews reply Can I just say I'm happy I don't buy Marvel Comics at the moment.
  • hockeyknight reply A Dazzler reference. Rock!
  • mdtwiztid reply Well at least marvel actually did right by firing him
  • Artalive01 reply Maybe I'm wrong... But wasn't he just fired? Anyhow the Jewelry thing was absolutely hilarious!
  • RandomEd787 reply I think you'll be happy to know that piece of shit was fired.
  • ahmedm7666 reply Hhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • WeirdestNews reply Just here to self promote my super amazing fantastic spectacular weird news channel. Ok.......Bye.
  • truckmyad reply Good video. Some points that made me chuckle.
  • VAHHELLFIRE reply rock the vidme
  • SamEarl13 reply People that do that sort of thing are terrible, he might not thought as far putting that message on a characters t-shirt but doesn't that technically suggest said character believes in that (when he obviously doesn't). A long time ago trying to put secret messages in stuff when you're not supposed to (like in a videogame) got you immediately fired and possibly sued but I've got a feeling nothing will happen to them at all.
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