ALIEN 1979 | Extended Movie Review (Alien Isolation Gameplay w/ Failed Film Student)

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  • [ – ] MysticSword reply Indeed, the first Alien movie is a classic and I too would consider it to be one of the best movies for sci-fi horror (well, it's one of my favs in for that type of genre). This game, Alien Isolation, really does a good job of capturing the overall atmosphere, look, sounds and feel of the original Alien movie and seems to fit in well with the story arc time-line between Alien and Aliens. Regarding the little bird-figure (I remember having one of those when I was a kid), I think it was meant to sort of represent the background rumbling vibrations of the huge ship they were on, plus it being a personal touch (such as how someone might put "Fuzzy-dice" or some other little nick-nack hanging in their room or car). I really like the retro-future look they had for the Alien movie and also for this game. Anyways, I enjoyed listening to your commentary guys and watching the game-play. Keep up the good work! :)
    • [ – ] THOMPSONATOR parent reply Thanks brommando! I loved this game. So good! I know I said it in the review, but I really want to combine Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection into a brand new movie called Alien Isolation.
      • [ – ] MysticSword parent reply Well can always put those official movies out of mind (they never happened. It was all just a bad hypersleep dream) and then imagine that Aliens Isolation is the movie that we Alien(s) fans really want. :) When I have time, I'll be checking out more of your vids. Cheers!
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