I am dissapointed in you, VidMe

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  • TechyFarm reply Well said!!!
  • Grumanilt reply there are some good points, but overall I believe that there are at least two things to consider: 1) vidme has a tiny team right now, that's why it gets fixed "slowly", just be patient, things will improve for sure 2) vidme didn't expect the intense migration it is experiencing now, let's say they were caught a bit off guard. This aside, while I do agree that it does not encourage "new content creators", it is a video platform, so it's normal that those who already have a big video "library" will feel natural to port it here as well.
  • fancyfig reply people won't be happy if they can't upload their videos in a timely manner. a more reasonable request might be to have a "sports" category. as it stands now vidme probably doesn't have allot of sports enthusiasts so you shouldn't expect too much with your kind of videos. but if there were a sports section then your videos would stay at the top. and when people see vidme catering to their own interests more will come over with those interests.
  • [ – ] doomx2001 reply I think you have a very interesting video with some points I agree with to a degree. But, here is my opinion, respectfully... Rather than just trying to get VIDME to change this or change that I would focus on what I can change. No matter what social media platform your on, you will always be competing with thousands and millions of people from around the world. So it is easy to get your content lost in all that muck. The key is to keep doing what your doing and work harder than everyone else. The only thing you can control is your ability to make better videos, with better equipment over time, trying new things to see what works, and trying different marketing approaches. It's hard to get noticed, but to me that is how it is with everything in life. Though you didn't ask for my opinion I would like to recommend a few things that may or may not help, but stuff to keep in mind just in case. *Hockey - your channel is mainly about hockey which is cool because that is something your p...moreassionate about. Trouble is most Americans don't really watch a lot of Hockey. It's either basketball, football or baseball. So with that in mind, I would try to find ways to make Hockey videos that are inviting and fun for the casual viewer. Maybe consider doing comedy skits built around a Hockey concept. Do some documentaries about legendary hockey athletes. *Try Different topics - in order to get your video's seen you may need to take a hot button issue that people would be interested in, like this very video for example, that could in the end help your channel get more exposure. *Find websites, groups, and social media groups that love hockey and tell them about your channel. If your videos don't find a audience in VIDME, then you will have to bring a audience to VIDME to get your video's seen. Anyway, I hope your experience here improves. You made some valid points.
    • hockeyknight parent reply Thank you for taking the time to write out a helpful response. I can tell that we may have to meet half way as your sincere desire to help me does show respect that I can appreciate. However, if this website is billed to be an alternative to Youtube and I already find myself disenfranchised with the way I see it rewarding those who know how to game the system, what falls on the responsibility of the VidMe mods and creators is to incentivize those of us who are still waiting to be discovered or new video bloggers popping up everywhere. If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around, does it make a sound? Well, if a video on vidme is made and nobody is around to watch it, is it really a video site? VidMe should be finding new and fresh talent and nurturing them. I swear I will fight to my very last breath against those who already have their fingers on the scales.
  • alex reply Hey, these are good points. We're trying our best to make Vidme better every day, but we're a small team so we don't get to everything right away. Again, we hear you, and I appreciate you providing your feedback.
  • [ – ] JonathanTheInsane reply People need to tweet this out to Vidme directly to get its full attention. Making a video helps, but this needs to be brought to the public for Vidme to actually respond.
    • hockeyknight parent reply Thank you for your understanding and actually taking the time to view this video and leaving a comment. I want to be a part of this community and this is a step in the right direction.
  • MrATAndreiThomas reply I can really understand how you feel Dude, and I completely agree with you fully, I was angry with vidme yesterday as I made a video titled "where is the love Vidme" as I didn't take my sunglasses off course I had very angry eyes and deal with this in a professional manner, I noticed how vidme shows the big content creators from youtube and the featured content creators on the Trending as I been on vidme since 2014 before every single featured content creator who are the exodus of youtube that came on this platform since 2015, 2016 and 2017 vidme has deliberately ignored the people who joined this platform since 2014, they also ignored the unverified channels that are new and the verified channels that had less amount of followers and that is not cool. And I been watching them for days and keep showing the same content creators on the Trending feed and thats what making harder for the small content creators.
  • VictorSavelle reply You will find that community sir, I surely believe that. There are always ways to improve and make your content stand out more, be more engaging. Including production quality, title, thumbnail etc. This platform is not so different from YouTube in some ways, including the years it takes to become a creator with even a 1000 subscribers. I spent 4 years on YouTube getting my EDM Nightlife channel up to 1k subscribers and now that I look back, the content is mostly crap, I can't even watch it it's so cringy. At the time, I thought I was pretty good but I learned that I wasn't so I had to improve. Constantly. Now I've restarted many times, figured out a better plan, better content and better production quality. Got better on camera performance, learned to edit better, create animation, have better music etc. It's a long process, and there is no school for it. It's a long term grind sir. I admire your passion.
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