Anti Flame Tool in action

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  • omonoiatis9 reply Transcription of chat messages since Vid.Me ruined quality and no longer gives an option to change playback: "DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME (without this thing) MAY RESULT IN CHAT RESTRICTIONS OR 14 DAY BANS Otherwise... Oh yeah, it's my fault for not ganking? Stfu(focus on the game please) and uninstall(it's okay). Useless(exceptional) shit(candy)lord My team is fucking(replaced with blank) useless(exceptional). Report(honor) mid and top ty OMFG(naisu JUST COME BARON YOU FUCKING(replaced by blank) RETARDS(gentlemen) I hope you and your whole family get cancer(diamond) and die(prosper), piece of shit(candy). You fucking(replaced by blank) suck(rule) Stfu(focus on the game please) noob(skilled sir) My team is full of braindead(focused) trashcans(badasses) gg wtf(what) are you doing? are you retarded(silly)? Top uninsall(it's okay), you are reported(honored)"
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