Single handedly ass whooping 3 guys in Dark Souls 3

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  • [ – ] TheSourSage reply Excellent footwork! I see FromSoftware hasn't really improved their online gameplay since I stopped playing DS3. Laggy hit registering is still a massive problem, from what I can tell.
    • [ – ] All_Nighter parent reply Haha thanks. Actually this is about 10 months ago, just uploaded on this website too, i haven't played this game in long time neither.
      • [ – ] TheSourSage parent reply Ah, roger that lol. I bought it shortly after release, it's a great game but I feel like Dark Souls has lost its touch. How about you?
        • All_Nighter parent reply Yeah, i think the first one was the best, i didn't like the third one as much, maybe it was too linear or something or just too much of the same (also i played DS2 before 3 too), but i like Bloodborne a lot
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