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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply That girl at the end. lol I never was really big into watching vlogs but your channel drew me in because of the beautiful nature shots. After that you seemed like a pretty cool dude and I just started watching your videos to see what's going on with Daniel. A nice part of the day when your video uploads. I probably would still be uninterested in vlogs if it weren't for you man. I'll have to check out Casey at some point.
    • danielamann parent reply She was hilarious! Hahahah! One of my subscribers on YouTube, not sure if she is on Vidme. A huge thank you for those words! That really means so much. I am so glad to hear that I have had that sort of impact and meaning to you :) Casey is well worth your time. He takes my vlogs and blows them out of the water
  • [ – ] anenglishmaninthebalkans reply Daniel, great vlog! CN has (and is) a great influence on content creators. Just be yourself and enjoy doing what you do. I'll be following your storytelling with interest :) Bests from the Balkans !!
  • [ – ] StefanJenkins reply Keep these Videos up. They are great. Where did you find the music for this?
    • danielamann parent reply I'm constantly perusing everywhere I can for good music. There are a lot of Spotify playlists I draw from, as well as some youtube channels. Then I reach out to artists and see what they say about it
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply Haha! Can you wrap up all your vlogs with a random dance party like that girl? Awesome stuff, dude. It doesn't matter if *I* liked the vlog, it matters that you actually had fun making it. THAT'S what I enjoy about your videos.
    • danielamann parent reply I'll have to ask her to do more ridiculous dances! I love making them all =D And I am always trying new things to see what I like doing most!!! Thanks @Calibri_Funtimes
  • Critical_Thinker reply I have nothing against Casey, but i find it a little disingenuous on his part. I feel its only to support his new business he's trying to start up. Now i don't have a problem with him starting a new business, but he could be more real to the viewer if he just said , "hey im starting a new endeavor and i using my Vlog to promote it. He actually attempted to state his intensions by not actually coming out and directly saying so. His recent announcement that he is partnering with CNN the biggest fake news organization out there i believe a bad idea. All i can say is good luck with that and beware of Romulans bearing gifts.
  • [ – ] chaseisgame reply Casey's influence certainly shows in your vlogs and thats not a bad thing. Great work. Vlogging is an amazing hobby.
    • danielamann parent reply Thanks man! Definitely trying to do my own thing while still being influenced by the greatest vlogger there is! Cheers =D I love being a vlogger
  • [ – ] JustHypeVibe reply I've always love where timelapse scenes are placed in your vlogs yet I miss also the drone scenes. Anyways great vlog @danielamann
  • [ – ] conner reply Cool timelapses! I feel like your shots in this video have a very cinematic feel to them.
  • [ – ] KayToons reply I love your new style! I've honestly never heard of Casey up until I heard him on Phillip Defranco's show, but when I watched a couple videos from his channel and I loved it!
    • danielamann parent reply Thanks so much! Philip Defranco is great! I watch him regularly as well! Casey is a hero in the world of vlogging!
  • [ – ] RubenLeija reply How many cameras did you use for that scene getting out of the house?
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply YEAA i was so happy that Casey came back. I was a fan of his before he even started daily vlogs. Glad to see people like him with this background, giving us motivation.
  • [ – ] Thatonecoupletv reply My favorite thing Casey has said is "Just Keep Uploading." I think you're doing a great job of letting other experience your world, another great video man! Keep uploading! ;)
  • Y2JayDoesAsia reply I'm happy that you like Casey so much but honestly I do NOT, I repeat NOT hold him up on such a high pedestal. A lot of Casey's success is attributable to experience and skill (filmmaking) but also a lot of it is luck. The mainstream media (the TV news) put his bike lane video on TV which helped it go viral. Plenty of other people could get as big as him if they were lucky enough to get this kind of assistance. Then there's the dangerous drone flying Casey has done over the years and there have been people who have Youtube channels on the topic of radio control aircraft that have repeatedly critisized him for this. Long story short... aviation regulations in most developed countries have rules whereby you don't fly drones in certain places, certain heights, and most importantly over PEOPLE. And time and after time after time I see Casey flying his drone over people. Strangers. People he doesn't know. Drones are machines and machines are prone to eventual failure, and for whatever reas...moreon if Casey's drone suddenly drops out of the sky and lands on somebody and kills somebody, all those Youtube channels are going to be like "I told you so". I mean hell I just watched a vid from ADVChina about a problem with the DJI Mavic Pro where it randomly flies horizontal. It was attributable to the interal gyro not being calibrated properly (If I quote the video right). This is an example of how something goes wrong. Flies sideways, hits a building, falls out of the sky, onto somebody. And then there's that recent video selling the "rebel" message of "Do what you can't". Which if taken literally also does not exactly promote a message of safety. I've seen videos from big youtubers (who know Casey) since that video went up showing people riding ontop of moving vehicles and being towed on skateboards behind said vehicle. Not it's all fine and dandy until somebody loses an eye. And the only reason I haven't made an anti-Casey Neistat video is because Aeroworks Productions have already beaten me to it.
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