Viable Time Machine coming soon? Really?

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  • [ – ] ScepticalSans reply oh yeah, the tips and subscriptions don't work with my card here so I'll just send money to your paypal when needed.
    • [ – ] wearegods parent reply That's fine, I'm not hurting for money at the moment. =3 It's useful still, but I don't have to have it to survive now. :) Thanks for your help with moving. Your finances ended up buying an air mattress, chair, desk and other misc stuff we needed.
      • [ – ] ScepticalSans parent reply I'm just glad I could help someone.
        • wearegods parent reply It was very helpful ^__^ My air mattress went kaboom last night, we were a couple hundred pounds over it's limit anyway. Going to try exchanging it tonight and see if I can grab the higher quality one with the much higher weight limit.
  • [ – ] ScepticalSans reply nobody showed up at Stephen Hawking's time traveler party, I highly doubt we will be making time travel in the next couple of centuries.
    • [ – ] wearegods parent reply I have a time, date and address for 2 years ago for my future self to come visit my younger self. I'll have a notification about it in another 40 years. I won't say whether or not the visit actually happened.
      • ScepticalSans parent reply I set up a secret code word back in year 10, if it is future me they will say the code phrase as soon as they show up. it's a bit childish but useful.
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