My Adult Life with Autism - Vlog: #023

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  • amberthest reply That dalek poster is cool!
  • kylebrown reply I can't believe you've never been into a Nando's, their food is super awesome. Also not everyone lands up spending the rest of the day on the toilet... I never have bad reactions to their hot sauce. I've been to @EddiesLife247's house and can verify that yes the dogs do indeed bark at him every time even though he's around those dogs 24 hours a day 7 days a week and when they bark it's very painful! Those frozen Microwave meal things only really serve one person, even though they look like they could serve more than one person. I mean they probably could but the portions would probably be quite small. I'm sorry to hear about your Nan, i hope she gets out of that nursing home and into a better place where she gets the support and help she needs soon! When i was in school i used to have meltdowns all the time, the most scariest time was when i would go into a blind rage and just swing my weight around or throw chairs and tables all over the place. I didn't have the red card green...more card system, i wish i had thought of that... It would have been a much better way of dealing with the sensory overloads/other things that made me tip over the edge. This vlog has sort of inspired me to do my own video on how Autism affects my life! So potentially look out for that over at my channel.
  • wibisana27 reply Apples and pears
  • [ – ] amberthest reply Sounds like a really overwhelming month woah, hopefully things start getting back to normal soon I have a family member and a friend with autism, neither are quite adults yet, it was interesting hearing a bit of your perspective (Apples and Pears)
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