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  • [ – ] jhk reply Hey Neilist, the link in the description to the kickstarter is broken.
  • [ – ] Labwolf reply Such an awesome game! Love the Giger art style and the atmosphere! Can't wait for the full release! :)
    • [ – ] Neilist parent reply it's my dream game! lol. also, if you're into the art of giger, I would suggest looking into the art of Zdzislaw Beksinski, besides giger, he's the other artistic influence on this game, it's where the more stringy biological side of the environment and creatures comes from, very intense and interesting art.
      • [ – ] Labwolf parent reply Oh yes! I have heard of him! He was an amazing artist (he was, unfortunately, murdererd if memory serves me right?...), Yeah you can see the influence of his work in Scorn! Beksinski had a far more 'fleshy' red and orange color palate, compared to Giger's more oppressive blacks and blues. Ahh, I love this site! I love that you can actually have informative and creative chats and talks in the comments on here (unlike another certain video site who shall remain unnamed lol!)
        • [ – ] Neilist parent reply but yeah, I do appreciate the more intimate atmosphere on vidme, is a good site.
          • [ – ] Labwolf parent reply Agreed there! I'm new to this site but I'm definitely liking it more. Reminds me of the internet before the "big bad advertisers" made things kind of suck! :P I'm following your channel, i like the games you lets play (nice dark and horror games! makes a change!), have a look at mine if you fancy, I do art and animation videos around my music and sound design, and if you ever want some stuff doing for your channel sound or music wise, drop me a line and ill get creative for you dude! ^_^
        • Neilist parent reply he was indeed murdered... by a fan...
  • XaultronicMedia reply Can't wait for this games release!
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