If You Are White, You Are Automatically A 'Right-Winger'

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  • Coconut_Pete reply This whole thing has always been about leftists removing whites from the US and any other country they can. "But leftists are white!!" Look closer. Are (((they))) really?
  • whitezombie reply Thank you Devon. I just spotted a trend in the scenario these slaves are promoting. Whatever the politics of the individual where ever in this planet they may hail from if they are white then they are GOP members Confirmed GOP members, with the Trump seal of approval. If they are any other skin tone then they are "progressive", even when they are conservative theocratic adherents. For the writers of TYT scripts there are only two parties on this planet The GOP (aka the GREAT SATAN) and the progressives(AKA RADICAL COMMUNIST "DEMOCRATS") No nuance no in between allowed. Can you say extreme polarization? Their masters are preparing for war. I don't really think it will be a shooting war, more likely economic, but a war is their goal. It makes sense , in this context ,to promote false narratives, hatred of certain demographics, as well as ignorance of the true facts. I mean who will check them? The majority of the people are too busy being afraid to search the truth online. Big Brother...more is watching and don't you dare dispute the official narrative or you may end up unemployed and unemployable you racist sexist trans phobic piece of shit. Nice plan, and nice scam they have there. Unfortunately for them the US president won't shut up, and wont stop tweeting. They dare not terminate his account, twitter will crash if they do, and they dare not terminate him. He will become a martyr a rallying cry for the true right wingers. The type of people that make GWB look liberal. So, they do what they can with the tools at hand sell outs like TYT.
  • deathtopaulw reply The fucking pinhead filter on brown fabio literally made me laugh out loud in my silent office.
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